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Screen savers are meant to guard our focus. This is why objects of great delight are kept as screen savers. No matter what we are made to look at, no what you scroll to see; you still have to revert back to whatever you have kept as a screen saver.

It is possible you were frightened or disgusted by the things you were made to see outside your screen saver, but there is a reassuring awareness that overwhelms you as you fix your gaze on your screen saver, telling you; all is well. Whatever it is you have as a screen saver, it must have been carefully selected as an object to re-freshen your mind.

What picture of yourself do you have before you? Your present situation notwithstanding, what men say of you is irrelevant; the glorious picture of a better and bigger you which you see of yourself is what matters. If you are not seeing beyond what men are seeing, if you are not seeing beyond what your deplorable situation is suggesting; you will be grounded.

When Moses sent twelve spies to search out the land of Canaan, ten of them had their gaze on the giants they saw in the land and all they could see was a defeated Israel. Joshua and Caleb had a different view; they focused on God’s ability to enable them bring down the giants and all they saw which they had as their “screen saver” was a more prosperous Israel. That became their drive in them and they were able to tell the people – “Let us go up at once for we are well able.

You are motivated by what you see. When you make up your mind to see well, you will be well motivated. When you learn to see yourself in the light of God’s Word and revelation and you allow that picture to fill your mind; no matter what you are made to go through, you are able to lift up your voice to declare – “I am who God says I am and I have what God says I have”. That has become your “screen saver”, it is what you are seeing everyday and you are daily advancing unto becoming what you are seeing and you’ll soon discover that you are unstoppable.

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