Triple Dolphin - 15000 SP and Still Climbing but What will it Take to Reach the Top?

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I just surpassed 15000 Steem Power and I feel great!

A couple of weeks ago after buying some Steem, I realized I would reach 15000 SP very soon. I don't know why, but it's not enough, I'm not satisfied, I need more, more, more! But how much more?

Triple Dolphin.jpg
I felt like this achievement called for a tacky photo, but not tacky enough to make an animated .gif, maybe I'll do that if I ever reach 50000 SP and turn into an orca.

Vesting Shares 15,029.491STEEM|29.656MVests

It feels like just the other day, I crossed the 10000 Steem Barrier. Actually, that happened on September 15. No, I didn't earn 5000 SP in two weeks. That's very difficult for anyone who isn't a whale or very famous around here. I haven't even earned 5000 SP since the beginning of 2019.

My Tacky Achievement Award

I've decided to give myself an award because "why not?" I've been copying and pasting the same stuff I made when I first reached 50 rep, 1000 SP and then dolphin at 5000 SP.

Perhaps even better I found an old photo I took using a 3.2MP Canon Power Shot at the Buchart Gardens in 2004. It was their 100 year anniversary, hence the 100 years in bloom. I was spending a summer in Vancouver at the time.

~ Oh, the memories. Back then you could still say stuff like: Oh! Look at those busy gardeners planting flowers near the 'O' and the 'M' ~ Calling someone by their profession wasn't offensive back then.

I miss those days. Maybe I'll post more pictures I took back then.

So what do you think of the 3 dolphins jumping out of the Ross Fountain? In case you didn't realize, those dolphins aren't real.

Setting goals is important and making your own trophies and awards for achieving them is fun.

climbing up.jpg
This muscular dude is climbing an outdoor climbing wall. He looked like he was in his late 40s. He was absolutely ripped, looked like he greased himself up (just for the additional challenge when climbing), and everyone was excited, especially the ladies watching. Damn I hope I look like that when I'm his age, or ever.

Reaching the top

I'm not sure what my actual goal is for Steem. I'll definitely stop buying it if I ever reach 50,000 SP or Orca Status. However, I'm really going to slow down after I get to 18,000.

I'm sure you are asking, why such a weird number? Well, I've figured out that it's not actually all that weird. You see a full 100% strength vote at 100% voting power is just over 1 full Steem at that level.

If I get about 12 votes and just vote myself 12 times, I can earn 12 Steem a day. Sounds like fun? It also sounds like a good way to annoy people.

Actually, that's only half the story, the vote will be worth 0.5Steem to the author (I don't self-vote much these days), and 0.5 Steem to the curators. In any case, it will raise the rewards by about 1 Steem. I think that's kinda neat.

reaching the top.jpg
I actually stayed to watch these guys for a while. You can't see the other guy in the photo, but climbing without a spotter is dumb even for Jack the Ripped. Anyway, he made it to the top, every time actually. The dude can climb.

The Price of Steem

Steem is low in value now. That's why it is easy for me to buy a lot. Like everyone else, I use money. I don't have unlimited supplies and can only afford to spend so much on Steem. I actually, don't care what the price is too much now. However, as I get closer and closer to my top goal of 50,000, I'll probably hope to see it rise.

To be honest, I'm more concerned in the drop relative to other blockchains, OMG we are almost 90th, than anything else. Dropping out of the top 50 was awful. Dropping out of the top 100 would be devastating. I'm not going to sit here and pretend this isn't possible.

I don't suffer from delusions that one event or development, is going to magically save Steem. Challenges and goals need a lot of work in order to succeed. I have high expectations.

rock wall.jpg
There are actually a few climbing towers in the park. This one looks quite nice from behind. It must face some expensive houses.

Meetups and Events

There is a lot of talk about the need for more meetups and events, especially from people who go to meetups and events. I don't want to assume all the effort is in vain or it is unnecessary especially since I've never been to one. However, I do wonder how much value does it add to the blockchain?

Personally, I cringe a little at the idea of live meetups and events. Acronyms like MICE scare me and I prefer well-written statements or posts to any speech or email. Too many charlatans in cryptocurrency. Whenever I have a meeting at work, I try to find excuses not to show up. A 1 on 1 conversation is much better. If need be, stream it. I can watch it at my desk. Actually, I watch Steem stuff from the comfort of my home.

Although meetups are fun for some, I don't think any blockchain should focus too much on this. Are they the best place to exchange ideas? I mean Steem is a social media platform, every post and most chains have social interaction.

Don't get me wrong maybe some awesome ideas are shared and some deals are made, but more of these probably get done behind closed doors or via smart contract. Steem is excellent at making immutable interactions.

climbing the edge.jpg
This fellow wasn't quite as good at climbing as the other person. I do think this was an easier trail because you can hug the edge. However, I'm not a climber.

Are meetups and events effective? For what?

I've never been a fan of speeches. Steem doesn't really have a single super-star like Ethereum or Tron, and I don't even know if that is a good thing for long term success.

I think it keeps people who are interested, interested. Something is going on. A lot of people are anonymous and don't like this idea. However, meeting in person builds trust. It gives Steem a face.

Can meeting up be useful to introduce new ideas? Probably. But, I keep asking myself the same question. Does it add any value?

Bitcoin has nothing but infighting. The founder is an anonymous pseudonym. Bitcoin does well. Why does Steem need this? I'm not a top 20 witness. Do they meet up? I'm sure some do, especially on Discord. Do developers need to meet up? Probably sometimes. But mostly, they just use GitHub or have closed-door meetings.

So who needs to meet up? Who wants to meet up? I'd meet up in Korea. Actually, I thought of going to Thailand, but I decided I wanted to buy more Steem. I recently took two out of country vacations.

climbing walls.jpg
There are actually 3 climbing walls here. One looks like a beginner's area, the other is nice and shaded and looks like a cave, the final one is for experts like the dudes I was watching.

Looking for The Bigger Picture

The most important thing for Steem is figuring out the bigger picture. According to some, it is onboarding. Well, duh. But can you just introduce people to Steem and hope for the best? I don't think so.

Some people have asked, is it the best time to onboard? Hey, I have a pitch. The market cap and rank of Steem have declined drastically. Compared to Bitcoin and the other top cryptocurrencies, Steem has continually underperformed...but hey trust me, everything is fine. We just had Steem Fest! and soon we will have SMTs, I promise.

Sorry for the pessimism. Did I mention I've bought like 6000 Steem in the last couple of months?

jumping off.jpg
I really like watching them jump off when they reach the top. Doing it from the edge with the sky in the background makes it look that much more awesome. I could easily frame it so it looks crazy. Next time, maybe.

What can be done?

I'm not going to speculate on why Steem failed or what is necessary to increase value. However, I will say one thing. It won't be meetups. It won't be advertising, speeches or onboarding. It definitely won't be Bitcoin increasing. It probably won't even be SMTs.

I'm going to use it as a catch-all word here. It will be development in general, not a specific development or event. And not just blockchain or software developments or some random event like BTC surpassing 15000 USD or Steem surpassing 1 USD. Sorry, we need all-around development.

There are just too many damn blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and social media platforms. They all steer one way or another. Some are even looking like Steem. Every chain has its strengths and weaknesses.

I'm not dismissing or writing off a lot of the ideas to improve or 'save' Steem in this post. But none are a catch-all solution to the issues with Steem. On their own they are weak. As a catch-all idea, they suck and will fail.

Steem is decentralized. We need decentralized development.

under cut.jpg
If you change your view a little, you get to see how difficult the challenge really is. This is not an easy wall to climb.

Decentralized Development

Decentralized development is the idea that millions of people can do millions of different things all to improve Steem in a million different ways. Crappy ideas will fail, good ideas will help.

The best part is the ideas are scrutinized. And much, much later, we can look back and find out why ideas succeeded and why they failed. A lot of it is recorded.

I've always thought Steem's biggest strength is the delegated proof of stake and the witness consensus for hard forks. Another stake is the Steem blockchain is centred around a decentralized social media platform. Blogging isn't just one thing you can do on Steem it is a core idea. Steem is more than just Steemit or blogging. But, we cannot discard blogging and exchanging ideas all in one place. You see, this will allow Decentralized Development.

If decentralized development picks up, that is tractioin. That is the event we are looking for. It's nothing specific and it can't even easily be pinpointed.

I don't think it will be a single event. I don't even think it will be a single decision.


I dismissed SMTs earlier, but I do think they will be the catalyst that is needed. I dismissed meetups too, but I think they give traction and hope.

I didn't dismiss tribes or communities, especially with the unprecedented security and assurance SMTs offer compared to SCOT-tokens, this is great. I hope to see a diversification of ideas on Steem. I want to see the ideas discussed and scrutinized. Let's see what happens. I'll be buying more soon. Next I'll probably be in the top 1000 SP holders and then I'll reach my goal of 1 Steem per full upvote.

The climbing walls I showed are in Gwang-Gyo Lake Park in between the two lakes. I hope to make it to the top one day.

I've decided to go with a climbing theme. How did I do?

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Nice, i see you love the risk:D

On the most points you mentioned im your opinion, but the decentralization of steem in reality and at the current circumstances is not that good.

At steem the only parameter which defione the vote weight itself is the stake the voter can use.

So especially in this case and at an dpos chain the (initial) stake distribution has to be faire. But the initial steem distribution was definetly far away from fair etc. So yes there is a selcetion of 21 witnesses, but there are a few big stakeholders who can decide "alone" who wins.

As illustrated by the results, the distribution of weight of votes in witness election is heavily skewed, which
suggests that the election of 21 witnesses may be significantly impacted by a few big shareholders, This phenomenon may not be a good indication for a decentralized social media platform.


And the reward system (okay its like every reward system) does not work with a little userbase, the userbase ideally should like represent the whole humanity (so that every user can connect with other users with same interests, age etc) or a specialization on specific groups but therefore you need way more users too.

And the biggest question i think, is the voting system, that the stake is the parameter to define voting weight good enough to enable fair content reward...

very risky investment, i hope it will pay off! (okay otherwise every investment is risky, like there could be some "gold asteroids" who can minimize gold price and so on...:D)

i think its definetly better then dollar and euro:D (and makes fun)

I do see the problem with the distribution of Steem. It's not as bad as other chains and will hopefully get better.

I don't really notice anything the witnesses have soecifically done that kills the value of Steem entirely. We have to considered where the majority of inflation is going. I suspect the whales do earn less of that than their proportion of the stack would earn them in a different model.

It's definitely risky to bank on increased adoption and increased value. I think as steem becomes more and more decentralized and we see vastly different communities arise (so far most tribes are little more than a tag and a shitcoin), we may see interests increase and prices rise.

SMTs should offer protection from the whales since if they try and steal it, you can bet the communities will hard fork off in a hurry.

Congratulations on 15kSP! 20kSP is my target before the end of the year then I'm staying put on buying unless prices stay where they are. Just another 3k to go.

Orca by end of 2020? Maybe.

As for developments, seems steem is going through a big transition at the moment and those who have stuck around will bear the fruits in a few years time.

Personally, gaming and entertainment (music, videos etc) is where the real appeal of Steem can lie. If those things get developed then there will likely be an increase in price that we're hoping for but until the next hard fork when communities and SMT comes in, we'll just need to accumulate.

Steem itself may not be the end token but RCs... Very handy for creating new accounts. Get a big gaming company on board and they'll need to create accounts for their users via RC... One idea anyway

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  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

Don't know why your reply was downvoted really but it's a funny old game out here...

I think after seeing a little slump happening now, looks like that Death Cross really is starting to bring a bearish downturn in the last couple of hours... not bad timing with pay day tomorrow and a lovely bonus to go with! Clear the credit card debts, pay the bills... 20kSP in sight!

The fact that there is still so much development happening on here in all this nuclear winter fills me with optimism that the platform can kick on once communities comes in.

To be honest, if you have fans and followers and you know you put in effort to make your posts, then you'll still get rewarded for it. If 10s of millions, maybe more, start using the platform, then one person's average might be another person's "wow" - it's too subjective to say otherwise (apart from the obvious).

Inflation is reducing each year, I believe it halves or something like that each year until it gets to 1%? Don't quote me on the numbers exactly but I know there's been reductions happening or programmed in to the code.

One thing's for sure is that this time next year, the place will be unrecognisable from where it is now!

Oh don't worry about that guy downvoting me. He is out for revenge and censoring my comments regardless of anything.

Steem is looking good, but there are chllenges ahead. If it stayed above 1 dollar, maybe I would have 2k by now. It's a chance. I don't know how I will feel about having so much invested if it increases as much as I think it may.

Inflation is decreasing and there are calls to decrease it even more. To be honest I feel post rewards are still a little high for decent stuff. However, a little mpre time needs to go by to deal with some persistent abusers (like the guy targetig me and those upvoting all his offensive comments.)

Ah yes, the good old "over reaction" to a downvote 😁

There's definitely challenges ahead but I agree, steem is looking good, or at least, a lot better than what it was. As long as you have a job that gets you regular income then you don't need to worry. Taking profit when prices start moving in the direction we want it to is always the smart move!

Oh post rewards are definitely too high, let's face it, anything above $50 is probably too over rewarded (I only had one post that did that but then, the community responded with over 170 comments so probably the right amount). Value can be measured in comments and interaction as well as the reward associated.

Steem was very sick before hf21 but now we are seeing the medication slowly kicking in and it will be a long road to recovery.

Worth sticking around for sure!

Posted using Partiko Android

I agree with everything you said completely.

Under the old Steem, it was a common belief that an individual's post wasn't over rewarded until it was around $150 to $200 depending on who you talk to. Now most people I talk to feel it is around $30 to $75.
In any case, you are pretty safe with that much engagement. Also, I remember that post and it was obvious a lot of effort and thought went into it. I haven't got that many rewards recently on a single post, but my post average is way up which I like.

I agree it was sick. It will get better. Even if the price doesn't recover as much, I know more and more of the inflation is going to good people which will not make me so upset if my investment doesn't payout. At least I know I'm not just helping con-artists and scammers mostly.

Yea I'm getting consistent payouts at the moment for the music blogs which are OK but I think the real good stuff is either travel or crypto posts - seems that's what gets people going around here!

Glad to hear you're not helping those folks out! I hope I'm not either (unwillingly) haha! Even with BTC plummeting, the actual STEEM price in sats hasn't been too badly affected. I think once some of the big accounts that are starting their powerdowns (and will dump on the market), it will create a fire sale and I'll be keeping fiat reserves ready for that moment because once STEEM exchanges hands to "good eggs", it will be a more valuable token.

Speaking of loading up... pay day with a bonus today, this dolphin just got a rocket pack! Time for Mark II baby!

Dolphin Mark II 3.PNG

I congratulated you yesterday by accident for reaching 20k SP because of your post (commented before reading, lol)...but I revised it after checking.

But it ooks like you made it now. So congratulations!
You've got serious influence now and room to delegate, too.

Some of those whales selling have lost a lot of money. But since it is unclear how they got their money to begin with and since it looks like they have enough to invet, I'm not too worried about it. Besides selling for this price is their decision.

Nice parallel with the climbing analogy! And congratulations on becoming a dolphin!

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Thank you. I thought it was a great climbing wall and was saving it for the right piece.

I didn’t understand anything - but interesting ;)

Thanks ~


Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you ~

Good job on 15K. My goal is 50 K before prices go back up

Thanks. 50k is a bit too much for me to hope for anytime soon without going all in. However, that's the ultimate goal of mine. I want to get half way there next. Seems like youbare on the home stretch.

Congratulations on the 100 years in bloom!.... or was it supposed to be the 3 dolphins?

Lol, actually I completely forgot.
I want more dolphins jumping in the pool next time. Or maybe 30 minnows swimming.

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This has been sitting open for 5 days and three of which had me tied to my stove. I do want to come back and read it when I have a clear head. As usual, I scanned it and wanted to come back.

So, before it expires, I've done the "thing" and also wanted congratulate you on your new status.