The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 13 Winners

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The 31 Sentence Contest Winners.png

We had three entries this round:
(1) @oivas - The Curse
(2) @free-reign - Wild Dear
(3) @wakeupkitty - It's Crystal Clear

Before the judging...

Thanks to @alnhart for the use of your photo.

I enjoyed the light-heartedness of this week's entries. I kind of felt like a child again.

When I saw this picture, it immediately reminded me of Uncle Iro, from "Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra," in the spirit guiding Korra along her journey. Uncle Iro is one of my most favorite characters ever. In his advanced years, he works his way toward the light and helps others see the light for themselves.

This mystical creature reminds me of that world. So peaceful.

Now for the judging. Well written stories - I'm pulling out my hair trying to decide.

First Place

@free-reign - Wild Dear

Second Place

@oivas - The Curse

Third Place

@wakeupkitty - It's Crystal Clear

Round 14 is out. Come stop by if time permits.

Previous Contest Weeks: Entries and Winners

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Congrats everyone, and thank you @tristancarax for hosting this wonderful contest!

Congratulations to you. You seem to be unbeatable. I hope you do not scare the rest away. It is good to write and puzzle a bit. 💕

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Thank you! Nah, I'm not unbeatable. This is only the 4th time I've won in the 11 weeks I've entered, I think. :) I believe I started entering in week 4 if I'm not mistaken. It's such a great contest, I'd be sad if people didn't think they'd have any chance of winning.

I'm trying also to get more people involved because the contest is really a great way to hone our writing skills. I think some day it will be very big!

@free-reign I hope it will be big, it's what I hope with each writing contest/challenge. They all should be promoted more. I only join because of the puzzle aspect of it. not think many will join. You need to like writing, be a native speaker with most contests on Steem or at least very good if it comes to English. I noticed too there's a huge difference between what people of different countries like. for your response. Enjoybyour day/the writing. ❤️

Awesome! Congrats @free-reign and @wakeupkitty! Fun stuff this one. 😊

Thank you and to you too. 👍💕

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Thank you for the prize. Let's hope next time more people will join and make a chance to win.

Congratulations to @free-reign and @oivas. 🥳

A happy day to all of you. 💕

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