The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 7 Results

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The 31 Sentence Contest Winners.png

We had three entries this round:
(1) @owasco - A Piece of Cake
(2) @deirdyweirdy - Broken
(3) @free-reign - I Can Do That... Right?

Haha! 30 sentences. This is proof that humans make mistakes. Please, don't tell anyone. She, the Strength card in the Tarot deck, hid away from me this round. Funny, now that I think of it, @free-reign's entry revolved around the idea of strength. Maybe he knew what card was missing from the deck... ;-) or, maybe she was speaking to him.

Steempeek is broken at the moment. I don't remember the last time that I wrote in steemit's editing program. It seems so yesterday. lol

I do hope all of your holidays went well. One of the best things that I did was go to a gathering on the first of the year. It was awesome. So much Korean food to choose from. I met some new people. I drank the wine that people brought over because they couldn't finish it from the night before. Oops. I had too much when I decided to down two more glass just as I was walking out of the door.

It's nice to know that you all still found the time to write for this contest. With all of the other choices out there, I know it is tough. Thanks for showing up.

I'd like to know if you guys like this section or if I should I skip it and get straight down to the winners. Let me know what you think if you have some thoughts.

Now for the judging.

First Place

@deirdyweirdy - Broken

Second Place

@free-reign - I Can Do That... Right?

Third Place

@owasco - A Piece of Cake

p.s. @free-reign expressed his want of splitting his winner share of SBI between the other two winners and it shall be respected.

Round 8 is out. Come stop by if time permits.

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Thanks so much for the win and well done to my fellow writers for making it a competition. I love this contest ..........and not just because I won:)

Congrats to all, and thank you @tristancarax for the contest!

It wouldn't be a thing without you guys and gals coming back for more, so I must thank you in return. Together we make this work. So cool!

Congratulations to all the participants and winners. And good wishes from my side.

@tristancarax, Have a wonderful time ahead brother and stay blessed.

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I like the section/way you start, just an announcement makes it boring but it is all up to you.

I believe yesterday most dapps were "broken" with me it includes steemit and only Steempeak saved my day.

Congratulations to the participants/winners. I resteemed, happy day. 💕

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Thanks for your input. That will help me to continue writing down some thoughts that come to mind.

@tristancarax Great I liked reading them. 👍💕

Hey, @tristancarax. This is such a great contest. Truly one for creatives. What a thing you have started. Sorry I haven't come back. Busy, and I did find it so challenging. This week I shared @deirdy-weirdy's story on Twitter. Just brilliant.
Congratulations on being a creative pioneer.

Thanks, @agmoore. I'm glad I didn't let fear stop me because it almost did. I've loved being the judge and reading these excellent stories.

Come back when you can, love. No pressure, although, I think that you are very hard on yourself. I enjoy what you write. - Haha! No, this really isn't as easy as it first appears, is it? I have found that I'm able to write better by practicing this method and reading the entries. That's really neat.

@deirdy-weirdy, in my opinion, killed it this week. What a heart wrenching story.

Thank you so much @tristancarax and @free-reign! I am so happy to be writing with you all. congrats to the big winner @deirdyweirdy, whose story made me weep.

He made me do the same!

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