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We had four entries this round:
(1) @owasco - Push Back Now
(2) @carolkean - Miss Diode Strikes Again
(3) @free-reign - Purpose in Life
(4) @justclickindiva - Thank God it is Lunch Time

This prompt came from the days when I was much more into the conspiracy world. For the last few years, it hasn't been my main focus at all. I kind of got mad at the libertarian community when I showed them evidence that the Trivium and Quadrivium came out of Afrika. Of course, they came at me with "But the words didn't start to appear until the Carolingian Renaissance; therefore, the Afrika people couldn't have discovered it."

Umm... Okay, but they made pyramids far beyond what we can today and they just through that stuff together without understanding the basic tools of learning? And they did a bunch of stuff that isn't taught in most history books. I can agree, they may not have used this learning tool by the name it was later called but to say that they didn't have an understanding far beyond what the typical western mind does understand is a bit silly. I care not about the name it is/was called. The thing that truly matters to me is where the art came from.

The Trivium that they, the libertarian groups, teach is either/or thinking or what can also be called Western thinking. If taken further, the Trivium is also used in both/and thinking, commonly referred to as Eastern thinking or even holistic thinking.

One of the best explanation of the difference comes from Bruce Lee's book "The Warrior Within: The Philosophies of Bruce Lee."

I tend to do that, get mad at something or someone and drop everything because my interest all of a sudden vanishes. So weird I am.

I've been struggling to find that passion for learning that I had for a good five years. I'm dealing with a lot of stuff and/or not dealing with a lot of stuff - depends on the day, week, year really.

As for the other topics in the prompt, these things are really happening, whether we acknowledge them or not. There are wealthy people who seek to control every aspect of the our lives, the 99% who aren't fortunate enough to be born into money. This is my opinion anyway.

Now for the judging. Honestly, it was extremely hard to choose a winner this round. I got stuck.

First Place

@carolkean - Miss Diode Strikes Again

Second Place

@owasco - Push Back Now

Third Place

@free-reign - Purpose in Life

p.s. @free-reign expressed his want of splitting his winner share of SBI between the other two winners and it shall be respected.

Round 9 is out. Come stop by if time permits.

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A difficult choice indeed. All of the entries this week were superb.
Congrats to the worthy winners.

I won? I won???
Shock and Awe ensue... moment of silence as I verify I'm awake...
THANK YOU and omg how could you have picked mine over the other entries...
$13 SBI...? I'll pay it forward in future contests - thank you again!!!!

Don't get used to it! I'm entering the next round.😂 😂 😂 🤣

LOL!!! I love your sense of humor - and I hope you actually do have the conviction that you're the best!

No convictions at all m'dear... though there was this one time in court 30 years ago it was touch and go... but that's another story entirely.

You're a born writer. Be convicted of your own greatness!

Thank you! How tough this week must have been. Four amazing stories, if I do say so myself.
Awesome contest. Thanks for running it. How long do you expect to keep this up? It's started to exhaust me! lol, in a good way of course.

The plan is to keep going as long as people continue to show up and find this exercise valuable.

Have you noticed anything different with your writing since starting this?

I have been thinking about this actually. I often feel like I feel when I'm doing a weekend freewrite, but where the prompt would change my direction in a freewrite, the sentence length changes my direction in this task. I have to think differently.

I really liked what came out from me for this prompt though, maybe that this one is my best for this contest. It's kind of a parable, and it feels very true to me, although it's all fiction. I described the process to @carolkean as a slo-mo freewrite. You can't easily control what comes out. You have to find something that fits an artificial and random parameter, which spurs original thought. Very very cool.

Even though my voice sounds like mine, the sentence structure is different. I use a lot of semi-colons. The shorter sentences can be game changers, like obstructions in the road you have to veer around. They are an adrenaline rush those shorter sentences. While I write I look ahead to when I get to have enough words to put down a more complex thought and I usually know what that will be, but until then I have to come up with filler, so the story needs to be enriched.

I'll think about that question some more. I keep asking the other writers the same thing but the answer is elusive. I guess that's what I like about writing these. They take time, but not the kind of time that allows me to pin the stories down.

What a fantastic explanation - what astute insights - this is worthy of its own blog post, @owasco!

I got a chance to talk about this process last night on pypt. I also got a lot of kudos for your being one of my readers! It appears you are someone quite special in the writing community! I mean, I could tell without any evidence other than your own written words, but still...
Just as I feel after I've posted something, I regret not telling them all that you entered and won this very round!

Pimp Your Post Thursday... and people remember me? Cool!
No need to mention my win - it took me three days to find out, though, LOL! - I was thinking "By now the results should be in." Ha. Also, I totally love @deirdyweirdy's reminder not to get too comfortable in first: she's entering the next round. We should all be so confident! - even if it's a pep talk we're giving ourselves, not an actual certitude of our own talent. All writers seem to doubt their own achievements. Except the mediocre ones who imagine their fiction is on fire. (If it is, it's because an editor got hold of it.)
Thanks so much @owasco!

Like that NK Jemison writer whose work is awful but she won Hugo four years in a row. If you ask me, her editor sucked too. Inexplicable!
Yeah people remember you! I went WAY up in their estimation when they saw you regularly COMMENT on my stories. I felt special. You make me feel special. You gave me wings, remember?

EXACTLY - Jemison, over-rated.
Well, it does my heart good to know I'm remembered. ;) And it staggers the brain to imagine a writer of your talents would "need" any encouragement from me. You're awesome!

I was wondering if you knew and kept meaning to tell you. Congrats!
You only have a few more days to put that 300sp delegation to good use. Maybe your vote is a bit over dust now, idk.

Oddly, I didn't notice any increase in my worthless one-cent upvote, or I'd be voting madly on all the posts I can get to!

Congratulations to all the winners and keep up with your good work.

@tristancarax, Thank you so much for your kind mention brother and keep up with this Encouraging Series. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Congrats to @carolkean for 1st place! Also congrats to @owasco and @justclickindiva! Great work everyone!

And thank you @tristancarax for hosting this awesome contest!

Thanks, @free-reign, and thank you for sharing the reward pool--I'm inspired to do that, too. And thinking of HOW to do it. Always angling for another contest or a way to award some under-valued content.

It's definitely a good feeling! :)

well done to all the winners! This is a great idea for a competition. i intent to enter one day whne i have a little more time!

Out of Africa

came the human race, the most amazing architecture and math and astrological wonders, with whole libraries of knowledge burned (Alexandria) or under water now, and how do we explain the Pyramids? "Only extra-terrestrial visitors could account for the knowledge and tech to build them." Riiiiight. That always p^sses me off, to underestimate our ancestors and sell them short, because we today (hubris! hubris!) can't figure out how they did stuff.
Joseph Davidovitz and the Geopolymer Institute crew show that only a few people can rapidly and easily produce several tons of pyramid stone blocks, even of the gargantual size of The Great Pyramid's.

The gargantuan stone blocks of the pyramids, too perfect to be carved by hand, were poured concrete? But no, ALIENS did this! Because early African humans couldn't be smarter than we are!

You nail it, @tristancarax: regardless of the terminology they used, for us to say that they didn't have an understanding far beyond what the typical western mind does understand is far worse than "a bit silly." It's short-sighted, narrow-minded, ignorant, and arrogant.

And I totally identify with your disillusionment and (detachment? disinterest? apathy? ennui?) ensuing when you're the wee small voice in the wilderness standing up to a multitude of accredited, acclaimed, powerful eggheads spreading misinformation (in school from K-12 to PhD levels).

I've been struggling to find that passion for learning that I had ...

You haven't lost it! What you've lost is hope and faith.

I'm dealing with a lot of stuff and/or not dealing with a lot of stuff - depends on the day, week, year really.

Same here. Keep writing and posting and sharing your thoughts - maybe it's like fly-fishing. Cast that line into the water, and millions of fish may ignore your offering, but someone will bite - you'll reel in some like-minded friends. (Gaaawd what a terrible analogy.)

You're incredibly smart and imaginative and able to think for yourself. The school system couldn't beat that out of you. You go!!!!

"The trouble with a cheap, specialized education is that you never stop paying for it."
--Marshall Mcluhan

Trivium and Quadrivium (according to Quora):
The trivium consists of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, while the quadrivium consists of arithmetic, astronomy, music, and geometry.

Modern universities grew directly out of medieval universities, which grew out of monastic scholasticism, which grew out of the notion of priestly military 'orders' based on the Benedictine Rule, which was based on the Trivium and Quadrivium hierarchy of learned subjects, which in turn was based on the Trivium and Quadrivium, which entailed the seven initiatory stages of Mithraism, the religion of the Roman soldiery.

North Africa

... Islam is aniconistic. Islam really had begun to gain ground at the last part of the classical period in North Africa & Europe and as such did not really experience the same type of “downfall” or Dark Ages that Europe did. The schools of Islam continued to develop the subjects of the quadrivium and trivium uninterrupted until Europe “caught up.” .... Suffice to say, Islam did have an impact on the learning of the West, probably much more than most people today are aware. Kristine Wilson-Slack

Congratulations @carolkean 🥳

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Thanks for considering my post into the contest. I appreciate the opportunity.

Congratulations to the three winners and to all other participants. Your content was awesome.