Tricks: The Weekend Freewrite 1/14/2020

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From a tower window in Nottingham Castle, two men stared down into the moonlit courtyard.

"I have seen someone crawling around out there." In a well-lit room, hidden behind a curtain and peeking out through a crack to get a view of below, Daniel waved for Asher to join him.

"Inconceivable," Asher retorted.

"Look right at the bush."

Asher, ready to walk away and get back to strolling the uneventful halls waiting for surprises that never came, looked at the bush. Squinting, holding his breath, he watched for human movement.

Daniel had played tricks on Asher before so Asher was skeptical of his jovial guard buddy.

Daniel, seeing Asher's face, said as he turned back to watch for more movement, "This time, not like the last time, I'm not playing any type of joke on you,"

Disgusted with himself for allowing himself to fall prey to Daniels tricks time after time, Asher backed away from the window. "Not this time, pal, because I'm smart."

Things crashed.

Asher snapped to attention.

Rushing from behind the window toward the sound, Daniel pushed Asher on the shoulder, turning him around. "Get out of attention and rush down to see what the ruckus is."

Asher, letting the push turn him around without resisting, said, "Not a chance; the last time a knight fell on me."

"This," said Daniel getting serious, "isn't a joke I'm playing on you."

Another loud crash like silverware and metal cups sounded off down the hall but this wasn't going to scare Asher. "Momma warned me that these dubious tricks of yours would continue," Asher said matter-of-factly.

While Asher was turning to go down the other hall and let his friend have a laugh at someone else's expense, there was another cash, the stone." Treasure. From his days working with stone, he knew the sound of breaking alabaster and that meant only one thing - the Nottingham alabaster and this wasn't funny.

He was a few steps behind Daniel as they rushed down the hall to the rooms that housed some of the oldest art gathered from the fourteenth century onward.

Daniel filed in through the door with Asher trailing behind.

They looked around the room and saw the broken pieces of the Nottingham alabaster scattered across the checkered floor. Scanning, neither of them saw anyone in the room.

"Go over there," said Daniel pointing toward the east door while moving to the west one, "and tell me what you find there; hurry."

Both men quickly checked their respected place, found nothing had gone through the locked doors to escape, and then came back to meet in the middle where they first parted.

Asher said there wasn't anything to be seen in his area and Daniel gave Asher the same report as their backs touched.

"Where did they go?" asked Daniel.

It was then that they both looked up and saw the black dots, hundreds of them scattered around that lined the ceiling like ladybug backs.

"There is usually a picnic with dancing and singing," said the strange blob as it wiggled from the virbration it's voice created.

The two guards fired their rifles. Just before the bullets hit their target, the blob split apart like a net.

"That wasn't very nice." The thing had tentacles that came up and out of the floor. Stabbing Asher and Daniel in the leg, each man fell to the ground, howling in pain. "That will take care of you two."

The blob proceded to take the keys off of the belts of the guards. "Thanks for these. There was no other way to get through without them."

The blob then fell straight down to the floor and recalled all of itself into itself, taking the shape of a man.

"Do you know what thoughts keep passing through my head? No, you don't but I'm going to tell you." The man moved closer to the guards.

"Please," pleaded Asher, "don't kill us."

The man pushed over Salt-glazed stoneware. "I've been thinking about how lazy I've been. I mean, I've been playing games, letting the days roll by, letting the outside life pass me by as I stay cooped up in a little room, letting my mind tell me that I can't create today. Do you ever have this problem?"

The creature stood so close to Daniel that he could smell his breath. The smell made his back body tense up in an attempt to get away and this also caused him more pain in his wounded leg.

"I suppose you don't. You're a mere mortal after all. Thinking is not the way of your species. Her, my one true love, ears hurt when I attempted to explain these thoughts to her."

"What do you want?" asked Daniel. "Take it. Just leave us alive."

The man merely looked down on them out of pity. "Do you understand that there can't be any witnesses. What would the world do if they found me out?"

Sniveling, Asher said, "They'll never know because we never saw a thing here. We made this mess."

"I'm flattered that you would do something so kind for me." The man whirled the keyrings around both of his fingers. "I'm too concerned about mistakes." He used one hand to push his hair out of his face. "I can't leave two men alive. What would my wife do to me if she found out?"

"We can help you get what you want." Daniel would say anything to save his skin.

"Anything. Hmm... Yes, why, in fact, there is something that I can't do without you."

"Anything!" shouted Asher.

"I need you to invent a way to conjure a thought before it is thought of. Can you do this?"

Asher and Daniel looked at each other. Neither one could do what he asked, nor did they understand his question.

Seeing this, the man took their heads in his hands and smacked them together. Both of them fell into unconsciousness.

"Time to free my soul, gentleman," said the man. He went to the east door, unlocked it, and walked in.


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This begins with a character I can identify with - Asher, "ready to walk away and get back to strolling the uneventful halls waiting for surprises that never came," Asher, who reminds me of The Princess Bride (I love that movie) with his somewhat pompouse "Inconceivable," Asher, slowly realizing his trickster guard buddy might not be playing tricks this time.

Then the villain, the blob, steals our sympathy by sounding like a writer: I stay cooped up in a little room, letting my mind tell me that I can't create today. Do you ever have this problem?
The riddle at the end is awesome!
Did you mean heads, not hands, here? ...the man took their [hands] in his hands and smacked them together...

Well done!

I actually took that word inconceivable from that movie. It was going throught my head. I recently watched it again and it is a movie that stands the test of time.

8-) I'm so afraid to inject real life into my story. Writing like the way I did here were the thoughts going through my head and it is true to life. So many times I ovoid writing or drawing or whatever because in my head these types of thoughts are going on.

oops. Yes, heads not hands. I'll fix that.

I agree, The Princess Bride is a great classic that will never go out of style. I am most smitten with Inigo - "You killed my father; prepare to die" - and struck by the way this actor landed this iconic role early in his career but never again got a role that came anywhere close to being so epic. He plays a rather dry character in "Criminal Minds" (didn't google that to verify) - Mandy Patinkin. Likewise, Wesley has fallen on hard times as a leading man. I see him doing cameos as a minor character all the time.

Funny thing about pillaging real-life details for a story: most people do not recognize themselves in fiction. Thornton Wilder was surprised and greatly relieved that the people he satirized in Our Town never saw themselves in the characters... and no, not gonna verify that one either, or I'll never get this day moving!! Things I hear and almost-remember -

Every time I am going to read you I know that I will like what I find. Therefore, I look for a glass of water first; I clean my glasses and slowly immerse myself in your letters. You are amazing.
This time I was surprised by the end:

and walked in.

Walked in? I thought it would come out! What a successful end ... It has been as always a great pleasure and learning to read you @tristancarax

I'm flattered and blushing a bit.

I love it when people point out their perspective of the story. Yes, walked in. He was in there for something and didn't have the key and couldn't get past the doors without the key.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)


And there's the key.

I need you to invent a way to conjure a thought before it is thought of. Can you do this?

This neither of them could. Inconceivable

A dark tale, a clever tale.

Well done!

Thanks, @agmoore2.

I like that second line, also. It came from the magician of the tarot deck. He is the conjurer of thoughts before they are thoughts.

@josephsavage, I now have two of those fuckers downvoting me for using SBI. I can't continue if I get wiped clean or taken down a few notches every time I post unless there are some people out there who will help combat this. All that I'm asking for is a return of what these low-brained idiots stole. If there is no help, then I'm sorry but I'll have to forgo the SBI program.

I did what I thought would help out when the feeling arouse. I can't keep taking hits like this.