really happy

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The day I was waiting for has arrived. takes 3 months to wait for this day. I harvest rice today. starting this afternoon the rice mower has been working. does not require a long time. only 1 hour everything is finished.



I am very grateful to have 23 burlap with an area of half a hectare. if if weighed, maybe about 2 tons in number. this is a very satisfying result for me. all my hard work for 3 months, finally today paid off.

This crop, I plan to marry my lover this year. Good luck and everything went smoothly.


I say many thanks for visiting my blog. if you have some corrections in my post, let me know your opinion and do not hesitate to comment below. I want to share this content with @xpilar, @tonyz, @always1success, @gidlark, @harkar, @r2cornell @streetstyle, and others.

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Kenapa gk nmpak muka abang yang lagi panen padi?


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