HB Wallet Airdrop - Free ETH and DAI

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Tutorial Below

• Requirements

✔ Cellphone
✔ Internet
✔ " No KYC "

Step 1 • Download HB wallet App

Android -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.bacoor.android.hbwallet

IOS - https://apps.apple.com/app/hb-wallet/id1273639572

Step 2 • Create an Account on HB Wallet App to recieve ETH and DAI for Free

  • Choose your Language


  • Next click " Agree " and " Confirm ". Save your passphrase for recovery purposes!

  • "No CODE, No BONUS!" So copy my code first!

  • Enter Invitation Code ▶ KPtbNJ


  • Click " Next "

  • Wait for 24 hours then a " Verify " button will show up on the Menu screen and your 0.003ETH will be credited to your HB Wallet

Step 3 • Share and Earn

  • Click the " 3 dots " on the right top corner to get your referral code


  • Copy your referral code


  • Share and Earn

  • You will recieve an extra 0.003ETH + 1DAI for every successfull referral




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