Anonymous Bitcoin Guide

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If you want to bitcoin in an anonymous way, it is important to follow a few steps and rules.

Ideally you buy the bitcoins on a no KYC exchange, but if you can't do that then there are still options.

The most important thing is to use an anonymous bitcoin wallet which does not track you.

On you can get more information on how to use bitcoin anonymously.

Examples include:

  • Bitcoin mixers
  • Anonymous bitcoin wallets
  • no KYC exchanges

If you consider using bitcoin for dark web purchases, then it is best to also have a dark web wallet for a good amount of privacy when buying on the markets.

Also consider mixers like samourai wallet, wasabi wallet or Mixabit bitcoin mixer.

But in our opinion, the best anonymous bitcoin wallets are wallets on the dark web. You can access those .onion sites with the Torbrowser.

Some examples of dark web mixers and wallets are:

http://mixerpkpxev6qruk.onion/ Dark Mixer - Anonymous bitcoin mixer
http://mixbitw5m5zh4m7u.onion/ Mixabit - Bitcoin mixer
http://wi3dg355dpiy2g5k.onion/ EasyCoin - Bitcoin Wallet and Mixer
http://freshbowfjqvyrxm.onion/ VirginBitcoins - Buy freshly mined clean bitcoins
http://sbqaxe6dwiydetyr.onion/ Onionwallet - Anonymous and secure bitcoin wallet and mixer


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