Belle isle park!

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Hi everyone! I am trying out the Appics app thanks to stackin for letting people know about it! What a day this turned out to be in the photo. There was a rainstorm that had just ended and the clouds were awesome looking. It was flooded a bit at the river. I saw the reflection here and the lady standing there and I thought it was such a cool photo to get! It was one of my favorites ever! After a storm sometime go outside and I’ll bet you will get a great photo of the clouds, water reflection, etc.

If you are ever near Richmond, VA. or even are driving by on I-95 make sure to make a quick pit stop here. You will not be dissappointed. Downtown Richmond is literally right next to the James river. They have a lot of white water rafting as well here. There is a lot to see and do! I hope you all have an amazing day! Steem On! Chris Love @clove71


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Oh wow! What a great shot! The reflection is awesome!! Welcome to Appics @clove71 !!

Following you on here now!!

I knew about Appics before but I couldn’t get the app to work. Now I am hopefully going to be producing a lot more content this way.

Nice photo📸 Thank you for sharing!