New Ebook Out: How To Stay Safe In The Crypto Space

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Heeeyyy Steemies,

It's been a while!

I missed posting here. 😔
I missed reading here. 😔
I even missed Steemfest!! 😱

But I had good reasons.

I wrote a book. ✍🏻
And I started a new full-time project at the same time. 👩‍💻

That's been keeping me pretty busy, as you can imagine.

The book is an ebook, of course, and it's for beginners in the crypto space. It contains all the essential basics we all should have in place in order to keep our crypto coins safe.

I work with first time crypto investors every single day in my consultancy. You wouldn't believe how often I hear about people losing money because of...

  • lost passwords
  • hacks
  • phishing scams
  • misplaced 12-word recovery phrases
  • exposed private keys

Some people lose money because nobody ever told them the basics of crypto-security and so they treat their wallets like a bank account. That's not how it works, though. If you forget your 12 words, or private keys, you can't just call a helpdesk to help you "reset" it. Nope. Your money is gone.

Some people lose money because they keep putting off noting down their keys and think, "I'll do it tomorrow." Until it is too late. Their computer crashes, their wallet is gone, and they can't access it anymore. ==> Money gone.

Some people lose money because they used the same simple password for their computer, their crypto wallet, their email address and their crypto exchange accounts. When a hacker finds out one password of yours, it's a piece of cake for them to put one and one together and figure out your login details for everything else and empty your accounts. ==> Money gone.

Some people lose money because they googled "crypto support", called the first number that came up in Google, and allowed those people to take over their computer remotely and "do everything for them". Well... while doing that they also swept their private keys and were never seen again... ==> Money gone.

Some people lose money because they don't pay attention and mistakenly send money to the wrong address. They don't know that blockchain transactions are irreversible. The blockchain is pretty unforgiving when it comes to typos... ==> Money gone.

Yesterday I spoke to someone who sent money from an exchange to his wallet and wondered why the money never arrived. He copy/pasted his address from his wallet and entered it in the withdrawal request from the exchange. As you do. However he didn't notice that between the copying and pasting, his address was changed and replaced with a different one. Because he didn't double check the pasted address, he sent his money there instead of to his own wallet. ==> Money gone.

How did he become a victim of this trojan? I'm not sure yet. However it's highly likely that his computer caught a virus because he downloaded torrent files in the past or streamed movies from sites where he has to click through thousands of ads and pop up banners... Sound familiar?

How to stay safe in the crypto space Ebook copy.png

How To Stay Safe In The Crypto Space

I'm not telling you all of this to scare you. I'm telling you this because all of these unfortunate losses could have been avoided. All it takes is some basic knowledge and maybe some tools, to protect yourself.

It's like going on a trip. Before you go on a hike through a jungle on the other side of the world, you inform yourself about the visa and vaccination requirements, the language, the currency, the do's and don'ts, right?

It's the same when you begin your journey into the crypto space. It's not difficult. You just need to be aware of a few rules and risks, so you can navigate them better.

This is why I wrote this ebook. It contains all the essential knowledge packed into less than 30 pages. There is no story telling, it is just full of practical, highly actionable steps. It will take you less than an hour to read.

I don't want people to be scared of crypto

I want them to feel confident in the knowledge that they have taken all the necessary precautions, and that their money and their personal data are safe.

I want their money to grow and their worries to be gone.

This book is the manual for that.


Get $10 off with this discount code until Christmas

The book lives on this page.

If you think it could be for you (or for your parents ;)) use the discount code steemies when you check out. The regular price is $25, this way you'll get it for $15. (Europeans may have to add tax to that I'm afraid.)

This discount code will expire on December 24, 2019 end of day in UTC+1 time zone.

This ebook will evolve and constantly get updated. You will receive all future updates for free with your one-time purchase.

Big Thanks to The Pillar Project

This is the first time that I worked on a project with a sponsor! It's a pleasure to have the Pillar Project as well as its community of ambassadors on board for this. It's wonderful to be so aligned with our missions to help beginners keep their money and their data safe.

The Pillar Project's mission is to put each individual back in charge of their personal data. And their first product - the Pillar Wallet - is my favorite token wallet in the space! Really check it out if MetaMask isn't working for you :) It's super well designed, and since it has user names and an address book, you can actually also use it as an encrypted messenger app!

They did not pay me to say good things about them. I actually approached them to propose this collaboration, and I'm happy they said YES!

pillar small.png

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CONGRATZ!!! This is huge and awesome. You can be proud <3 Will send a message tomorrow :-)))

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Thanks for your support dear 💜

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Awesome. Supported with a clear resteem :-)

Danke danke 🙏🏻🤗

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so glad you looked at pillar. cool right? :)

Super community and super project. Have been following them for 2 years or so and finally met some of them at blockchain week in Berlin in the summer. Really, more people should know about Pillar :)

perfect! :) yes, i always thought it would be one of the better ones to break through because of their straight forward approach.

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