10k support already tested twice.

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Bitcoin broke 10k 20 hours ago and we already see the bots testing support at the 10k range. Once 3 hours ago and the other 8. If 10k flips to support this easily I'm definitely going to have to reconsider margin trading Ethereum again. The market is so bullish right now.

Like the rest of the market, I'm playing it safe and waiting for the 10k support to prove itself for a few more days. A breakout higher than $10200 very soon would make me question if I should be taking more risk during this extremely bullish pre-halving window.

I'm hoping that Bitcoin will hit 10k a few more times before moving up. This would signal to me that my prediction of Bitcoin crashing to that level after the halving pump/dump is even more likely. The same thing happened curing the Bakkt pump/dump to $7500, and I spoke to that prediction quite frequently. All of my predictions based on the concept that Bitcoin is doubling in value every year on average seem to pan out.


If this keeps up, trading the market is going to be trivially easy going forward.

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If volume stays like this, I am predicting resistance at 10,442, and a drop top the $9550 mark. Not being bearish after the bull, it would be healthy to continue the rise with a little correction to stop the parabolic that always seems to result in a bigger crash.


My guess is it's going to 12-12.5k before we might see a big correction if even then.


That prediction went down the drain quick. :D

it seems you are a bitcoin trader,which broker do you use??

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I do love to dabble in crypto trading. I do it myself without a broker. Did you mean which exchange do I use? Probably a half dozen or so.

yeah that is what i mean..

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I'm going to look at accumulating every time it hits 10k from here on out. If it drops back down below then I'll continue to accumulate for a lower price.

I can't believe with the halving coming it won't at least be around $12k, but I could easily be wrong and it could all go to zero, though I highly doubt it.

If nothing else it will let me stack more Sats for the eventual altcoin rally that will come and allow me to diversify into a few different alts waiting for that 10 - 100x.

well that happened fast.

I also thought 10k seems like a nice number to fall down and correct at. Do you think 20k later this year and then a correction to 10k is possible before we see things get crazy?

When you say "BTC is doubling on average" with your table, is that the value at the end of the year or the average throughout that year or some other way of measuring as there have been colossal swings from all time highs and lows in the last 24 months

good question...

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Bitcoin never drops below this support line.
The support line is exponential x2 every year.

Whenever bitcoin hits the support line it's an obvious buy signal.
Bitcoin hits the support line every year at least once.

thanks for this wonderful info...

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What about monthly as I have seen you post some tables on that as well? Same definition used for the monthly tables?

Keeping to my plan of selling after major moves, I sold some at $10,084.

If it drops back down below 9k I’ll pick some up otherwise I’m still happy selling at above 10k

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Are we in Disbelief because there has been so much false hype for 2 years?

This is a sucker's rally.

Some argue so.

Sure feels like it to me... and I imagine the halving miner capitulation dump will crush everyone's spirits once again.

Too many people seem to believe that it is 100% guaranteed that BTC will pump leading to the halvening, during the halvening and after the halvening.

I’m hopeful for a major rally, but I’m hedged and ready if we see everything go to shit again like it was several months ago.

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that is a good strategy....

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i see a breakout happening soon though i expect a retracement to first of all occur then after the breakout will happen and bitcoin keeps going to the moon....

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@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/10 - need recharge?)

FUCK YEAH! $100k btc here we COME

lol.....i wish same here too...

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This will be interesting to see what will happen next!

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