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Bitcoin is at an inflection point

Which way to do we go?

It may take another day or so, but we are going to break hard in one direction or the other.



Perhaps it depends on news flow out of Iran?

I am not sure, but we may need a catalyst to break to the upside otherwise I fear we will drift back down as people lose interest.

They tend to lose interest fast it seems.

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Gonna go to zero soon. I just see fewer and fewer interesting posts here. Just a freekin big photoblog. Remotely interesting pics too.

Steem or bitcoin?

Sry. My fault, I meant steem and steemit.

But I am also afraid that almost all cryptos will turn out to be big scams, or just turn out to be fails.

Not that I don't belive in blockchain tech. It will be used in logistics and in the future maybe as "money". I just don't see countries, banks or corporations that will invest in todays inflated currencies. They will make their own and start from scratch.