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Peter Schiff claims he owned bitcoin and now he can't access it

He claims that it is forever lost.



This is the same guy that has bashed bitcoin at every corner for the past several years.

He is a big gold bug and feels that heat from bitcoin so he tries to discredit it any chance he can get.

When it goes down, he gloats that is is dying.

When it goes up, he says it's all manipulation.

He basically can't say one nice thing about bitcoin and I would guess that this latest attempt to discredit bitcoin has very little basis in reality and is most likely just a move to further is agenda.

Like it always is.

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I had a problem with my Electrum Wallet on my desktop PC.
It said "error executing script" and I could not access my wallet anymore.
So I saw on BTC-Echo some hints and got fixed it.

But my seed and my password are stored in a secure place.

The memes about his issue made it worth reading the tweet. :-D