Refereum and DLive collaborate on rewarding gamers

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Blockchain marketing startup Refereum and video streaming platform DLive are working together to reward gamers for streaming and watching video content. Gamers who stream om DLive can now reward their own viewers through Refereum, while also getting crypto rewards themselves. DLive is the first decentralized video streaming platform to partner with Refereum, while Amazon's Twitch and Microsoft's Mixer are already integrated into the platform.

Gamers who are active on Refereum can earn rewards for engaging with brands and video streamers. The marketing platform highlighted a variety of partnered streamers from DLive as well. This the streamers to earn tokens through both DLive and Refereum while getting more engagement from their community.

According to the press release Refereum attracts approximately 1 million users worldwide. In addition DLive brings 5 million monthly active users to the table. The partnership allows users from both platform to watch streams via DLive and earn rewards from viewing and engaging with communities!

“Bringing benefits to our streamers is always one of DLive team’s priorities. We are so happy to partner with Refereum to achieve shared goals and ultimately benefit the whole content creators community.”

Charles Wayn, CEO at DLive (Press release, November 6th 2019)

DLive growing steadily

Where the streaming wars is mainly a battle between Twitch.TV and Mixer, DLive is waiting in the shadows. Parent companies Microsoft and Amazon are trying to sign up influencers with exclusivity deals. A variety of streamers moved away from Twitch and signed up with Mixer, including media sensation Ninja.

In April famous Youtuber Felix Kjellberg announced that he would stream exclusively on DLive. Even though he still posts videos on YouTube under his pseudonym PewDiePie, the Swedish influencer moved away from YouTube and Twitch for his live streams. On DLive he now has over 641 thousand followers.

Before PewDiePie joined DLive the video platform had 3 million monthly active users. Seven months later that's now 5 million viewers and streamers. To continue this growth, DLive recently partnered with Theta Labs. Their peer-to-peer technology will make it easier for DLive to operate, as operational costs will drop and the platform's capacity grows significantly.

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