A 30-40% drop is pretty normal in a Bitcoin bull market

in bitcoin •  7 months ago 

In the chart below I have highlighted all price crashes in the bull run of 2017. Before Bitcoin reached its top at $20.000 there were 6 crashes of about 30% to 40%.

Right now, Bitcoin has fallen by 33% since its top at $ 13,860 on June 26. A 40% drop from the top would set the price at around $8.300. So even if the Bitcoin price loses another $1200 bucks from here, there is still nothing to worry about.

HODL! :)

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Ich sehe es auch als normale Korrektur. Ruhig bleiben und hodlen 😎

Nice now let's hope the same patron will happen

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It was about time for BTC to come back down again, I think everybody agrees that we are in a bullish market, so the price now doesn't really matter, we will be making ATH sooner or later.

I'm worried about STEEM , not BTC . lol

Understandable. The altcoins don't look good. STEEM has to recover a lot. Let's hope HF21 and SMTs will be beneficial for STEEM's price.

I really do home smt’s save us... steem has had moments where it pumps 50-100%... hope we see a few of those days come up!

Probably, But if Steem inc. will keep going to sell own coins, any investors will not buy steem for this reason

Don't tell me you're all in on Steem and have no BTC... I have plenty of Steem but that's not my main investment.

All I have in life is 1k Steem .. 200 USD equivalent in BTC , and 791 USD equivalent in BRL (brazil fiat) ...So I'm not really 'in' anything ..just struggling to pay my bills... life = shit

NOt get mad .... I'm also like this ... just some users not see how lot we have ;)

You're right, I woke up today with the wrong foot, sorry all! I'm feeling better now.

:)) ... I did last mont this :)))

thanks for your good vibe :)

Npr :) ... Hi from Estonia :)

Just a reminder to buy the dips! Especially when the bull market or bottom is confirmed!

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I love the viewpoint on Bitcoin, don't get me wrong... but I was hoping this was an exposition of what is happening to Steem, our altcoin that is sinking before our eyes, in light of how altcoins do when Bitcoin is so strong.

This post maid me feel more good 😋😋👌 can you make also post how it looks in last 10 years?😀👌 i want see what info you put out.

In 2013 Bitcoin tanked 75%, but made a new high 6 months later :)

ok..ok :))

The price of Steem has largely moved in line with other cryptos, particularly with other alt-coins.

In fact, a close look at a chart of the Steem price will show that it's been one of the LESS-VOLATILE coins. I'm confident that it will increase in price as the rest of the cryptos follow bitcoin ... UPWARDS.

Perfect timing ;)