Two ways to start bitcoin mining in 2020

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#bitcoin bitcoin is a digital currency. It works based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network of it's users, which means that it doesn't need central banks or third parties. When Alice wants to send Bitcoins to Bob, miners will process, validate and confirm the transaction, receiving a small fee to do the work. Bitcoin mining is lucrative, while also helping the network to grow and process more transactions. There are two ways to start mining Bitcoin.

1. Solo mining
using one or more mining machines. To mine bitcoin transactions and earn the fee you need specialized hardware. These devices cost thousands of dollars and running just one will basically generate no revenue.

2. Cloud mining
using the power of decentralization. Hundreds of devices located in mining farms, connected to our cloud mining platform generate much more power, working in sync and sharing their power. The platform can also share this power with its users. Why cloud mining? Mining machines need a lot of electricity, they get very hot and make a lot of noise. They also require regular maintenance. Our cloud mining platform has access to cheap electricity, industrial cooling systems and on-site engineers that monitor the machines constantly to make sure they perform at maximum capacity. As a bonus, since the machines are located in a mining farm far from your home, there's simply no noise! Cloud mining is cheaper and provides a much better user experience. Start earning now, on the cloud mining platform.

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