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new.PNGWin Big in the Video Contest! invites you to take part in a video contest consisting of 3 rounds over a period of 1 month. In this contest video-savvy crypto enthusiasts stand a chance to win over 75 USD as well as free access to the Newscrypto platform. is the number one educational platform available for all types of crypto traders whether one is a newbie just starting up or an expert. NewsCrypto achieves this by providing crucial information and educating users about the financial world of crypto assets, with the aid of unique tools, detailed analysis, and a bespoke school program.

Competition Information and rules

1st Round
• All participants are required to join the NewsCryptoTelegram Groups:
• Do a short video review explaining all tools in the Newscrypto beginner tier. Tools in the beginner tier are News, Charts, Watchlist, Coincalendar, Airdrop, and Portfolio. More information can be found here and you have to join the NewsCypto Platform to be eligible for the contest.
• Video Reviews must be honest, on point, relevant to the topic, meaningful, competently created, original and must show and explain how the tools work and why are they useful for every crypto enthusiast out there.
• Video Reviews should be at least 2 minutes long and have good visual and audio quality and must only be published on Youtube.
• Video Reviews should be in English only. Local languages will not be accepted.
• Video Reviews must include a link to the official NewsCrypto website ( in the video description.
• Youtube Channel should have at least 200 subscribers.
• Before you enter the competition please join and contact Newscrypto via the official telegram group (link: ) or one of our admins: @lukaboskin or @cinesius to register for the competition. You must also follow Newscrypto on twitter, Facebook and join the official telegram group.
• The top 5 entries will each receive 20 USD as reward plus one-week Newscrypto platform Advanced Tier membership and will go on to the next round of this contest.
• You have one week to submit your video entry, time starts counting once you register via the telegram channel.

2nd Round

• 5 top entries from round 1 will proceed to round 2. Participants will have to do a video review of the Newscrypto platform Intermediate Tier tools. The rules are the same as in the first round, you need to show tools on the video and explain why you think are they good.
• The top 3 entries will receive another 20 USD + one-month platform Advanced Tier membership and will advance into the third round of Newscrypto video contest.
• You have one week to submit your video entry, time starts counting once you register via the telegram channel.

3rd Round

• The final 3 contestants will have to make a video review of the Newscrypto platform Advanced Tier tools. Rules are the same as at the previous rounds, you have to show all tools and explain why you think they are useful.
• The winning entry will receive 35 USD + 3 months of Newscrypto platform Advanced Tier membership. Added to that they will be offered the opportunity to partner up with and make more paid videos.

Other important information about the
NWC is listed on a number of exchanges including KuCoin, Probit and Dcoin

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