Earn $BAT and $DAI crypto coins from blogging on Publish0X ... Convert to Bitcoin to buy Steem on Binance

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Have you set up your Free blog on Publish0X yet?

I’m sharing my photography and art there... earning Free BAT and DAI crypto coins that I can send to Coinbase, convert to Bitcoin and use to buy more Steem or convert to cash through PayPal.

It adds up..... Blog everywhere, Earn Free Crypto and convert to Steem Power.

Let me know when you join and I will send you some Crypto $$$ Tips

See you there.... https://www.publish0x.com/?a=BDbDqjxdl2


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I've been using for a while just as a reader, very interesting.

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I make about .07 - .50 cents from every post so I started posting there more lately.

wow that seems great time to try this out