I just made $36 from watching videos on Coinbase

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So a while ago, I came across a section of Coinbase called "Earn".

When I came across this some months ago, I did not think much of it for whatever reasons (Cannot remember why, to be honest.)

Anyway, today whilst doing some research on the Brave browser's token (BAT) I came across "Coinbase Earn" once again.

Now this time, I went further into it and as I already had a Coinbase user account I thought "may as well". So, Coinbase is not my first choice for a Crypto wallet (for security reasons). But I had an account from a while ago when I was looking into purchasing Bitcoin.

I logged into my account and need to perform the ID verification before I could claim these free crypto prizes. This process took me about 15 minutes and a couple of pics of my driver's license.

Blah, Blah, Blah. Where the crypto at?

Ok, onto the reason you are here. How to earn the cryptos? Well, it's easy as pie really.

  1. Create a Coinbase account
  2. Verify said account using the ID verification
  3. Head to the Coinbase Earn page
  4. Watch the videos and answer the questions (HINT: The answers in the videos and stupidly easy)
  5. Crypto directly into your Coinbase account


Look at all that crypto!

Great! $35 is like an hours work at my day job.

The cynical types might say, "Is it really worth the effort for a mere $35?"

And I say,

It may not be worth much now, but if you just HODL perhaps it will amount to something soon. If you don't feel these particular cryptos will moon that convert it to the one you have faith in.

Did I help you?

Vote me for SNAX BP: https://steempeak.com/snax/@anarcist69/how-to-place-your-votes-for-snax-block-producers

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Awesome! I’ve always been a big fan of the Coinbase earn program. Nothing entices people to learn like some free money ;)

I plan on installing some similar systems here on Steemleo. It’s important to have good onboarding and education programs and CB has got that nailed! Glad to hear you picked up some free money from them in the process!

It's perfect because it gives the users the value as a USD amount. So they can see there is value in it.

And whoever created the lessons it great at explaining the value behind the coins. I actually learned something.

It would be great to have a similar program for some other cryptocurrencies, especially STEEM and SNAX.

Yes that’s absolutely the right move. We (crypto people) get the value when someone says .1 ETH or 1 BTC. Outsiders don’t get that at all. It’s just words and numbers.

That’s awesome to hear. I was gonna say that I hope the content is top notch. I’ll have to join the program just so I can steal an idea or 3 ;)

I aim to work on that program real soon. We need it badly!

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Perhaps it might be a good move for Steemit Inc to look into partnering with Coinbase to get an awesome series composed and some STEEM airdropped. @elipowell


I have the app and can't find it there... Help me please.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, you cannot access it on the app.

You should be able to access the site on your mobiles web browser.


OK, thanks for the feedback

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