YouTube, Tron and also the Imagine Decentralization

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago 

The past few weeks have seen numerous instances of large, central technology titans censoring crypto-related material and task. Noticed in the context of the Coinbase Budget, Apple is pressing back against anything having to do with decentralized applications (dapps).

YouTube created even more of a mix when it removed hundreds of crypto-related videos from famous influencers without any warning. It later on reversed the action, declaring an error, yet it sufficed to get many to ask: Are decentralized alternatives feasible?

As if on sign, Justin Sunlight popped up to announce that Tron had actually struck an offer whereby decentralized Twitch rival and streaming service DLive would certainly be relocating to the Tron Blockchain and incorporating with BitTorrent's BLive streaming service. For several, however, Tron's participation makes DLive most likely to wind up a centralized tool than a disruptive decentralized social media network choice.

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