US Cracking Down On Flights to Cuba

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The United States has recently imposed new sanctions on Cuba's defense minister because of his alleged support for the president of Venezuela.

Now, they are looking to turn up the pressure by stopping flights to the island for all public charter flights; those who can afford private transportation will still be able to visit.

It has been reported that some charter flights will be allowed to still travel into Havana's Jose Marti International Airport.

At the end of last year, in October, authorities in the United States had banned regularly scheduled flights to many Cuban cities and these new restrictions on public charter flights are going to further restrict travel to the area.

Cruises have also been stopped that are heading to Cuba as well.

They say that they are doing this so that the Cuban economy and government do not profit from U.S. tourist dollars.

It is the people who run local businesses and depend on tips from tourists etc, who are the ones that will suffer at the end of the day. As well, those people who are looking to vacation or visit families, who cannot afford private travel, they are also going to suffer and are going to endure extended difficulties now because of government interference in their lives.

“Canceling these flights might take cents out of Cuban government accounts, but it takes dollars out of Cubans’ pockets, food off the table of Cuban families and once again tries to divide the Cuban family for domestic political gains,” - C. Laverty, president of Cuba Educational Travel

Various airlines are now scaling back flights to Cuba, though some have admitted that they remain dedicated to serving travelers going between the two regions.

A spike in ticket demand.

Fears over the crackdown have reportedly fueled a run on tickets and boosted the price and demand as a result. Aside from restrictions to any airports but the one in Havana, the U.S. government has also implemented restrictions on the total number of flights that can be allowed to the island overall.

For those who still want to visit the region or who have family there etc, similar restrictions haven't stopped those determined to make it there before, they simply travel via third countries, but it does add a great deal of stress and difficulty to the trip for them.

Making life more difficult for people in the United States and in Cuba, with this sort of collective punishment, isn't a coherent solution to expressing any grievance that the government might have for what is going on in Venezuela.

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I feel like the only individual stuff like this helps is the US government and hurts everyone else, including US citizens, especially ones with families that live in the area.

These are the vague policies of a hypothetical democratic government, the U.S. is determined to believe that it owns the world, destroying the tranquility and sovereignty of the majority of the people. These sanctions do not affect the governments at all, nor are they supported by citizens' realities. In Venezuela there is no dictatorship but rather a political and economic disorder, we cannot blame someone because that, in part, is due to the interference of the United States. There is no doubt that Trump's foreign policies are far from a viable solution for the people of Cuba and Venezuela.

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