SteemLeo Improvements, Options Trading Tactics, Investment Decisions, Steem Proposal and Marketplace Effects on Tokenization | The Daily Leo #46

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The LeoDex v2 launch has been great thus far. We're seeing a lot more usage of the exchange/wallet interface and the open orders & claim all rewards features are a big hit.

As always, we have some more improvements on the way for the LeoDex, the Steemleo interface and our newest project that we haven't publicly revealed yet.

Yesterday, we moved to a private server. There is an immediate improvement in speed and overall performance and we can expect this to get even better with time and some more enhancements.

For now, enjoy today's Daily Leo!

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Selling Cash Backed Puts


@shortsegments reviews a common practice by regular options traders to reduce their cost basis on a favorable stock pick. It's called selling cash backed puts. Read on for a detailed look with an example.

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Weekly Sample Portfolio Update - Week 44


@stehaller's weekly portfolio reports on his latest options trading activities are a SteemLeo favorite. Read on to learn more about his tactics as a regular trader in the options world.

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Investment decisions


Making good decisions is a key factor to being a successful investor. As a self-employed investor, @ivansnz evaluates his decision making process.

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Vote for Proposal in order to reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeks


@ocupation discusses the latest proposal for economic changes on the Steem blockchain. Should the power down time be reduced from 13 weeks to 4 weeks? Read on to learn more and consider casting a vote if you think this could have a positive impact for attracting new investors to #steem.

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Exchanges And Marketplaces


One of the key factors to a successful token economy is granting use cases to the token itself. If people don't have a reason to spend their hard earned tokens, then what's the point of holding on to them? They'll just post, earn and eventually dump them on the open market. A marketplace could be an incredible gateway to regular usage of tokens. @taskmaster4450 evaluates the possibility of launching a marketplace for the health and usability of cryptocurrencies.

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I make no secret of my love for Steemleo as a project. In my view, this is going to be a highly successful platform.

A move like the one just announced, moving the site to a private server. This is not exactly groundbreaking news but is essential for the performance (and user experience).

A lot of little changes do add up over time. People often focus upon hitting it out of the part when a bunch of singles do add up.

I am very happy trying to assist in the development of this ecosystem.

Agree constant little improvements are what Steemleo is about and it’s great.

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I love the Daily Leo, it's a great way to find undiscovered great content.


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