Does Anyone Here Use Uniswap?? I sure do!

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A lot of exchanges out there claim decentralization but in my opinion, only uniswap is truly decentralized. It is a totally permissionless, decentralized exchange for swapping tokens on the ethereum blockchain, of which there are quite a few.

I’ve used Uniswap for exchanging Eth, Dai, cDai, and Nexo tokens. I’ve also pooled some of my tokens into the liquidity pool which earns me some interest on my crypto assets. Every time an exchange is made on Uniswap, the fees go to the liquidity providers based on their stake in the liquidity pool.

It’s an amazing experience that requires the Metamask wallet and to my experience it works flawlessly. I want to know if anyone out there also uses Uniswap for any of their trades. I definitely do!

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Can you sell your Minds tokens there?

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Any ethereum token can be listed and traded if there is enough interest, but why use minds instead of Steem??

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