Tron Acquires DLive

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Looks like we can put the Steemit Inc sellout rumors to rest. What a hilarious acquisition for Tron to make and even better that the rumor was directed at Steemit Inc itself.

Personally I believe that the rumor of Steemit Inc was being sold was actually more valuable than it would if it was true. I've never seen the Steem name mentioned so many times in the news circuit than when it was when paired with a Tron acquisition.

In the end it makes absolutely no sense for Tron to acquire Steemit Inc. What would they do with it? The only thing I can think of is buying out the competition in an attempt to destroy it. We all know that this wouldn't work. You can't destroy the Steem community like that. We'd just fork the code and carry on.

I'd also like to point out that the Tron business model doesn't make a lot of sense. All the inflation is controlled by centralized supernodes and there is a cap on inflation. What happens when they run out of money? Either they don't have the resources to continue funding development and content... or they have to break the rules and fork the code to make it work again. Either way it makes them look incompetent. Justin Sun is a hack and no one should be taking him seriously. In true Justin Sun fashion this DLive acquisition ticks all the boxes by namedropping PewDiePie and over-hyping everything.

I look forward to the day that the true value of Steem surpasses that of Tron and we can put this whole matter to rest. I'll give it like 5 years. No matter how much money you start with you better make something happen with it or it's just all vapor. So far, everything Sun does is just that.

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I agree with jrcornel somewhat. While it would be possible for Justin Sun to acquire a ton of Steem on the market, Steemit is a functioning website with many of the users personal info (email address, IP, etc). If he were to buy up and merge large shares (and platforms such as Steem) with Tron he could create a hybrid system the likes I have never heard of. Especially if he introduced a system (such as Cardano seeks to make) that allows blockchains to communicate with other chains.

Fake it till you make it (even if you have to buy your way into making it, lol).

For sure, I just don't think Steem has a big enough user base to justify buying it. Also, if you're Justin Sun and have an interest in purchasing Steemit Inc, you'd probably also be buying coins on the open market, which would push the price of Steem up quite quickly (at least up to 20 cents at this point) because our liquidity is razor thin.

Also, if one entity acquires too much Steem and then starts trying to manipulate our DPOS republic, by say voting in new witnesses, the community will be outraged and fork, leaving behind nothing of value to the entity who bought it.

There are no signs, other than wildly speculative rumor, that Steemit Inc could be purchased. I think these signs will be more obvious going forward as other projects actually do get bought out over time.

Ive been digging up numbers for dapps and blockchains for a while now and comparing it to website traffic. You would be surprised what a huge difference there is between the top TRON dapps traffic numbers and Tron dapps TX and "claimed" user numbers. There is kind of a consensus that Justin fakes all those numbers and wash trades.
If you go comparing further you would see that the STEEM community is probably in the top 3 in size.
You have chains that are literally not used by anyone that are in the top 20 in MC like ETC. Based on their own metrics they have about 50 people using their dapps daily. Some dapps dont even register due to lack of data when looking at the traffic.

Steem might not be huge when looking at the mainstream but in crypto it is one of the biggest. It has the most used dapp by far and real users. As far as i know doesnt fake anything.

Good point. Although I still question whether Steem's relative value to other similar projects makes any difference. I also continue to ask myself: if someone buys Steemit Inc, what are they buying? The risk of the community abandoning the new 'owners' is not trivial. There are no logistics/code to buy, and there are a lot of other competing front ends.

There's a massive amount of overhead involved with buying Steemit Inc. They'd need to hire developers to learn Condenser and the Steem API. When it really comes down to it, it might be a lot smarter to not buy Steemit Inc. and simply create a new company with a new frontend. Either way, everyone would be asking themselves: how does this bring value to Tron. I'm hard pressed to think of an answer.

What i can say is that Justin showed a open interest to buy Steemit (a while back) but Ned didnt want to sell, according to some sources.

What, why and how is the question but thats really something i think he found an answer for before being shut down by Ned.

I think it was a smart move on Justin Sun's part, the crypto world is screaming for a video project.

In any case, we are okay and some people said our name.

It is free advertisement. ;)

Totally is!

That's good news :) Tron always looked shady to me...

Tron is super shady, but not as shady as Justin Sun.

I do hope Tron proves itself going forward but I'm setting the bar very low and really want little to do with it at this point. Wake me up when BitTorrent coin gains some traction.

I am not sure it puts all the rumors to rest to be honest. Sun announced multiple acquisitions over the past few months and only some of them have been revealed at this point. Not that I am fully expecting an acquisition per say, just saying I don't think this fully puts them to rest. :)

Nice to see you back btw!

Yeah but it's hard to not assume that this is the rumor because it's so closely linked to Steem's past.

Yes I agree. It could be that this was the acquisition everyone was wondering about... but I am still thinking there may be some sort of collaboration between steem and Tron.

I don't believe Steemit will sell after to have fight and survive. It is better to reach the top without to be acquired.

Agree, I think if Steemit was going to sell they would have done it during the crisis mode 70% layoff panic. With ad revenue and all that I feel like things can only go up from here, and now would likely be the worst time to sell.