BitTorrent/Tron Aquires Dlive

in dlive •  3 months ago 


Well we finally have our answer to the Tron buys Steem rumor. It was just that. But, Dlive is a jab to the Steem community!

What are your thoughts?

Thanks , @nzl19500 for the tip.

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Seems so obvious now.

We totally forgot about them. lol

They came back to haunt us !

finally a sigh of relief

Haha finally got that out of the way.

i am more than happy if the rumour turned out to be true then he would have ruined this blockchain forever

Probably a cheap buy to play on anti-youtube hype.


This seems like major news to me. I hope they choose wisely on what to do with this acquisition. Seems like they're trying to create a media powerhouse. Hopefully they manage to do that, rather than just falling apart like some companies have after acquisitions in the past. We have some sore feelings regarding DLive, but that doesn't mean there's not a possibility they could choose to go in a good direction. Hell, maybe they'll restore some of the Steem integration.

Sun and Tron are trying to become the #1 "entertainment" blockchain platform. I'll give some credit he does like to look out to the future.

Thanks for the heads-up. Could be he's buying smaller blockchain-based content creators to remove competition, so he can go for something bigger like SteemIt. That's a common trait of Microsoft or Apple, so perhaps he's employing the same acquisition tactics. We'll know next year for sure. Hey, that's tomorrow!

Yes, kind of clear out the low hanging fruit for the final piece of the puzzle this could be the case. 2020, is going to be an interesting year my friend!