Steem Silver Rounds are About to Represent the Steem-Canna Communities - Get Ready for Pre-Orders

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If there was ever a year to buy Steem Silver Rounds, it is 2019 - especially if you are a cannabis enthusiast. Every year these rounds are bad-ass, and this year's round design is proving to provide more badassness than ever! With the help of @EDXserverus, a slight alteration to the round is most likely going to made (just as there was a small alteration after last year's winner was selected).

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This alteration is going to turn these depicted seaweed leaves, into full fledged cannabis leaves.

The Original Design (Edit-Update at Top of Post)

switch 2019 edit.jpg

switch 2019 edit2horz.jpg

Cannabis groups on the Steem blockchain have a larger collective population (of active users) than most other common interest groups on Steem, and more than deserve to be represented on the 2019 Steem Silver Round. I am by no means saying that other groups do not deserve to be represented, but this alteration is certainly fitting, and can be easily implemented into this year's design. Including many major Steem group's logos in the round art might be something to keep in mind for the 2020 SSR design contest.

Even if your not a canna-enthusiest, these rounds are going to be epic, and the design is top notch. A sure-fire collectors item for a community that is rebuilding itself - the way we all see fit. This year was an important one for Steem, now let's keep these rounds rolling into the future!

Silver blockchain cannabis combo!!

Click here to see my 2019 Steem Silver Round Design Edit Proposal Post & the Community's Reactions

Click here to see the Weed Cash Network's response to my edit proposal


Click pic or link below to play video

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YouTube Version


Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

#TribeVibes druid_djinn.png


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Thisreally does warm my heart! Our hard work within the cannabis community truely shines!its a shame most of the wgakes ignore us, but you know what? We are building our own way into the future of the block chain!

The whales ignoring us is ok, we have power in numbers - active user base for cannabis enthusiasts on Steem in still very high. Glad you are stoked, now lets get the word out to all the cannabis groups so we can get more pre-orders in on these!

Hell yes!

Wooohooo! This is awesome! Great work @edxserverus. A lot of people will really enjoy this edit.

They reverted back to the original design and passed on the edit. I have not been told why or what happened, but will be posing a retraction for this post soon after I do more research into the reasoning. I was not informed about this in any direct way... I had to find out on my own. Theme of my life recently :-(

This actually meant quite a bit to me, and if whoever is responsible for this even knew the half of what I was dealing with in my personal life rn, they may have left it alone. I heard rumors that 2 people (that's right, only 2) were apparently outspokenly against the deign edit on a Discord server, as opposed to the 30 or so people I spoke with directly that approved of it with extreme excitement. Sounds like bullying to me, but I cannot say until I dig into the causality more.

For the uninitiated in the room< is it a drink coaster? LOL.... seriously - is it a collectible, or something else? Curious now. :)

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I am a little confused by the question. Are you talking about the Steem Silver Rounds? I explain a lot about the project in this short video, but if you want a more comprehensive explanation of the project, please see this post, or this post from last year. Here is what these pure 1 oz silver Steem community designed rounds look like in person: (not coasters haha)




I wouldn't mind get one of these older ones...

This is interesting work friend @elamental, I do not have any kind of knowledge regarding the subject, its properties or what it consists of, but I see you with much enthusiasm presenting all this. Congratulations.

This particular round is of interest to me as I have not only a member of this stacking community but have a minor interest in small scale medicinal Cannabis in a Post Dollar economy scenario as a part of my preparations.

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Now for the big question, how do we order one of these?
I'm guessing that it won't be through APMEX...

This is an awesome way to represent our cannabis community on Steem! I will definitely be looking to get one of these!