Brexit Could Spark Financial Instability Worldwide.

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In this report, I look at how Brexit negotiations between the U.K. government and the E.U. as it pertains to Permanent Equivalency and the City of London could be a problem for the global financial system.

The City of London is the international centre for foreign exchange, derivatives trading and host all of the international banks that are considered "too big to fail". London basically is the centre for financial speculation and leverage for the world much Las Vegas is the capital of gambling.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary):

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gee they are still going on about brexit

Thanks again, Maneco64. I look forward to your interview with Lynette Zang and continuing my education.

I love Brexit.

The creature that stands at Nihonbashi(Old Tokyo financial zone, near BOJ) is similar to that stands at Temple in London. Coincidence?