The Ounce of Gold, the London Suit and Maneco64 Over the Last Quarter Century.

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London, Saturday, January 18th, 2020.

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Thanks again, Maneco64. I appreciate your hard work. It sounds like you worked hard to get to where you are.


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Thank you for sharing your life story. Losing your job at 48 is very tough. Ageism seems to start at 40 nowadays, seems to be a normal thing and silently tolerated throughout Western societies.

Based on this video, I am long suits.

Yes, and you can wear them too.

I love your independent views on economics. Thanks for sharing your story. Some people don't understand that ads keep your channel going. I always let the adds run so all the youtubers can ear money, I treat that as my contribution to the channels I like. Many times I do as you said, let it run, make a tea, go to a restroom. I will write the same message on You Tube so maybe some people will grasp it. Earn the money Mario! Youtubers have always an option to skip the add!

Thanks @blue-pen.

  ·  last month (edited)

I bought a new jacket made by Harris Tweed which costed GBP 210 in this month. But I found out I had no place to show the jacket after paying it.

@ryutaro, I will be making a video about Japan soon. Would you say the last three decades have been a lost one for the general public in Japan in terms of economic opportunity as a result of the BoJ's and the government's policy?