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YouTube "verified" crypto scam channels

in dtube •  3 months ago 

Hey 😀

That's "normal". It happens on YouTube every day.Lots of verified people on YouTube aren't experts. It's common in every niche. In the Beauty-Community it's just about bullshitting people, give them false information and sell products...No many people are caring..

I guess YouTube isn't caring as they make the most money with scams.

It's also very common to buy comments, and views to make people believe that there is interaction etc. to get more sales or ad revenue. And you can't really see it unless you have the data. But YouTube is getting paid by the big brands, so they don't care.

Very sad, and not transparent. But just common nowadays. 😞

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It's precisely how the whole Bitconnect thing played out.... funny thing is many of those shills landed here after their channels started getting shut down 😅

Yes that's true. But I don't see it happening yet. I mean this industry is so big and they will keep it up as long as they have the money 😞

Yup money that keep flowing in from the naive 🙄