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I've hit the arbitrary milestone of 12345 Steem Power. All hail unit bias. However, it will be short lived considering this is my accumulation phase. Dolphin x3 incoming.

I went to see a physical trainer yesterday and made quite a few mistakes with my shoulder. It was an hour session so I ended up trying a bunch of things that were not the best for my situation. I should have known to stay away from that free session for another reason as well. They're simply there to try to hook people into spending a ton of money on more training sessions... no, I don't have enough funds to afford $70 hour long sessions... lol. That's more money than I even make in one shift at work. Sad, in more ways than one.

I got a little antsy in my pants seeing Steem spike up a little bit. Deposited a little more money for my accumulation phase just now. Don't be surprised if Steem never dips below 16 cents ever again. We seemed to have quite heavy support there, which again was pretty much exactly double our all time lows. It's weird how these things work out.

Steemians have been hit by the bear market so hard and for so long that when it turns around it's going to hit everyone like a ton of bricks. Our volatility is high in both directions due to the same liquidity issues. All that changes is the ratio of buyers to sellers.

Well I'm off to my yoga class. Hopefully it's not as brutal as the last time. One of these days I'll start making real posts again :D

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This one was a good post...we don’t need a master writer to post some thoughts and share ideas.
Enjoy the yoga class!

I dont see a new altseason yet

The little steem spike looks more like a pump & dump due to low Liquidity

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Enjoy your accumulation phase. ;)

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I want to celebrate your steem power milestone with you. That figure will be a dream to me to achieve

Happy Yoga....if steem moons though, youd be able to afford those sessions wont you. Had to deny myself of some cheese and burger to get more steem. Cheers to bigging up

Thats a nice arbitrary number to update on. Looking forward to the 54321 update :-D