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Diet Update

I've changed my diet up quite a bit. I'm Consuming far less processed foods, refined sugar, and other less desirable energy sources. I've gone from 230 pounds to 207 pounds in about a month. This is quite a high rate of weight loss.

It seems like a lot but my normal weight was 180-200 for over 15 years (with 180 being the number for like 10 of those years). So far it's been quite easy to drop this weight and I don't even feel like I've been pushing myself. The main thing I'm doing now is simply eating when I'm hungry and not eating when I'm not hungry. Simple enough.

Fitness Update

Sitting in my computer chair has been difficult lately. I've been doing so much physical therapy and seen such quick results that it's hard to go back to the things that messed it up in the first place.

I also have a free session with a physical trainer today compliments of my new gym membership. Apparently this guy has a lot of experience with physical therapy so hopefully I learn something.

Because I can't really use the gym to build muscle at this point (due to cutting calories and physical therapy) I've committed to taking the yoga class there for 3 hours a week. The instructor pushes the class pretty hard and I find it quite difficult due to weak stabilizer muscles and poor flexibility. At this point it is definitely a substitute for cardio.


Physical Therapy Update

Still trying to strengthen my hip, rotator cuffs, traps, and core. Making a bit of progress but it is quite brutal considering the injury. It's very hard to maintain correct posture but I'm still doing pretty well regardless.

HF22 Update

Looks like my upvote gets cut in half when not combined with the upvotes of others. This is somewhat annoying as I was trying to distribute coins by upvoting people who commented on my blogs. Then again it makes sense that we wouldn't want to encourage that kind of distribution.

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do about that. I may just bite the bullet and ignore this mechanic as Palnet and Steemleo distribution remains unchanged. My vote isn't worth much either way so does it even matter?


Pentaskill update

Thankfully my game was not broken by the hardforks, so that's a nice silver lining in all of this. I'm pretty frustrated that I haven't been able to work on it for a while. However, I'm getting to the point where I feel like I can start to spend more time in my computer chair. I am ever aware now of all my bad habits and compensations when it comes to sitting down.

Soon I'll start sitting in my chair as an exercise itself. It takes a lot of effort for me to sit properly due to having an extremely long torso. In the past I would often find myself compensating heavily by slouching or leaning to one side using the armrest as a crutch. I'll be trying to avoid these shortcuts at all costs now. I really need to set up a standing workstation as well... baby steps.


Life seems to putter along slowly but you never know when you'll be faced with one of those defining moments in your existence. When the time comes, I hope to be ready.

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i dont do breakfast lunch or dinner
i eat when i am hungry and always try to make it organic and if i cant at least no GMOs and at least natural and nothing processed
i was wondering how your health diet and exercising was going along
have a good evening and ttysoon

Your obsession with @berniesanders is pathetic. Get a life.

That is very impressive in such a short time. I am going to be needing to start a program of my own very soon. Sitting in front of a computer takes its toll!

Sounds very good!
I've been playing around with a high fat, high protein diet. Cutting out almost all carbs. I've never seen so good results in regeneration, weight loss and muscle growth. If you are interested, I can write down some of the mechanisms , why it works and how to get into it. If you're happy with the current diet,I'll spare my time :)
Greets and keep it on 💪

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Glad to see you finding proper diet that fit your body and hope it continues to stay fit. Food sometimes can go a long way helpinf in body health

I've been working out at home... I left the gym some months ago trying to save money to invest more, I was stupid, I should have started working out at home straight away, but nope, started eating junk food and letting myself go, working out is more of an habit than anything else.

Keep improving edicted! Good luck and hopefully you'll be right back to developing your game.

Improving your coordination and flexibility with yoga does not sound like a bad idea at all before you start to build strength. Way back in the early 00's when I still trained, I took some Pilates lessons, which probably did some good. At least I totally avoided injuries.

You bring up a good topic of gym anxiety. People are often afraid of what they'll look like to others if they do something outside the norm.

Well, there's that aspect, too.

I need to do some reading about the change in upvotes as I see a lot of people complaining, but with the addition of other tokens I think mine is probably worth more when you add in the value of SteemLEO and the likes.

I need to start eating better and exercising more. I'm probably up to 190 at least and am usually around 180 + or - 5 lbs so definitely want to start getting more cardio and working out in my life ASAP.

Any progress is good as long as it is in the right direction. I am letting things calm down before jumping to conclusions.

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"...I was trying to distribute coins by upvoting people who commented on my blogs. Then again it makes sense that we wouldn't want to encourage that kind of distribution."

Wut? Please do extrapolate, as discouraging engagement has not been extensively discussed as a goal of the Forkening, and I do not grasp how discouraging engagment and distribution thereby is beneficial.


If your politics involve trying to give the best content the most rewards, it makes sense to target blog posts over comments to the posts, as they will be of higher quality the vast majority of the time.

It also cuts out a lot of the leakage of people constantly upvoting themselves while no one else does.

Personally I would abandon the curve and curation altogether. The new downvote pool seems to be working okay... so far.

Well, you've seen my comments, which often exceed the quality of my posts due to the quality of the content and creators with which I am engaging. Other folks do also engage substantively, @lextenebris comes to mind, and it is engagement that perfects freedom of speech regardless of economic consequences.

I note that amongst the failures Steem exhibits managerially, focusing on economic issues has all but destroyed the social aspects of the platform, and this subsequently has very nearly rendered those economic issues moot. Folks came here, and comprise society. That needs to be the basal function, and that will effect financial relevance to Steem as a token, while the reverse will not.

I have been surprised by the apparent success of the downvote pool so far, which is a gross understatement as folks familiar with my expectations prior to HF21 might grasp. I hope my gast remains flabbered going forward, as it has been so far.

When you say 'curation', I wonder if you mean voting for content, or curation rewards. I agree with the latter, but not the former, being abandoned.