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If you're new to reading my gaming series posts. Check out week 1 and week 2. If you've been reading for the past 2 weeks. I have changed some plans even though the first goal is still in place. Now lets get into what happen over the past week. I will section the post in this order: drug wars, splinterlands, crypto income from the games, and my final thoughts about the week.

Drug Wars

Link to game: Drugwars

I'm going to be honest, I didn't focus on drug wars as much as I thought. I did the jobs everyday and I attacked people but didn't find people with an army to wipe out for the DWD but a few times. One fight took out all my bouncers and some other troops but gave me 8+ DWD from that fight. This is why below in the income stats you will see Tuesday and Friday was my best days in drug wars.

My first goal was to convert all DWD to STEEM then power up so I can fight more in splinterlands. However, I realize the amount of fights isn't the issue I am having. It's the amount of winnings I am getting from my fights. So new plan is to keep growing my army in drug wars, get DWD, and convert it all to DEC. This will let me buy packs to build better decks to win. One problem, the current amount of DWD that I am getting from playing passive isn't enough to buy one pack a month.

So here's the plan for drug wars. Spend the next week playing passive like normal but find ways to reduce the troop loses in the jobs while training more troops. A week of building up an army should give me a sizable army to none stop attack other players for DWD without worrying about the size of my army. Because this week I had to start training super bouncers from zero 3 times because of hard fights with players that had sizable armies.

Also, I did the math. It would take converting 450 DWD to DEC at current prices to buy an untamed pack with 5 legendary potions and 5 alchemy potions. I would have to average 15 DWD per day to do this once a month without counting the DEC earned from playing splinterlands. Given the armies I have seen in drug wars. Its more than doable to average 15 DWD per day.


Link to game: Splinterlands

Splinterlands has seen all the hyped with the release of Untamed but first. Let me tell you how I ended the season and show you the rewards before we get into what I got from the packs I bought. So in week 2, I pushed hard in rank with my own cards and I was just stuck in bronze 1. The leader of my guild offered to delegate a gold fail dragon summoner to me called Delwyn Dragonscale. I accepted to see how this will change my game play in the last week of the season.

Well I went on a 11 game winning streak to end up in silver 3 like last season. I think if I accepted it when he first offered the card. I think I would have ended the season much higher. I don't have a screenshot when I first turned over the cards because the site went down when I was trying to do so. I had to go to peakmonsters to screenshot the cards I got.

Here's my winning streak
winning streak.png

Here's the cards I received from the season rewards

Now for the Untamed release today. I used the DEC I earned from playing, the DWD received from playinf drug wars converted into DEC, and the bitcoin I deposited into steem engine converted to DEC. I bought 3 packs and here are the cards I received.

Pack #1

Pack #2

Pack #3

If you prefer to read the card names than looking at pictures. Here is a list of all the cards from season rewards, packs, and all of the quest rewards throughout the week.

Reward CardsPack Cards
Highland Archer (3)Goblin Thief
Undead MinotaurKobold Bruiser
Sea Monster (2)Serpentine Spy
Creeping OozeMaggots (2)
Wood Nymph (2)Child of the Forest
Silvershield ArchersCursed Slimeball
Rusty AndroidKhmer Princess
Sea Genie (4)Truthspeaker
Prismatic Energy (2)Goblin Fireballer
Beetle QueenMantoid
BoogeymanCursed Slimeball (2)
Imp BowmanUndead Badger
Goblin MechSniping Narwhal
---Wizard of Eastwood

One thing that I did since joining the small guild I'm in is keep track of how much DEC earned from the guild bonus after each win. Since the leader doesn't ask new players to help build up the guild. I deposit the guild bonus I receive in the fights I win. It doesn't make a difference to me since if I played splinterlands not in a guild I wouldn't have that DEC. Going into next week I will keep doing this because I would like to see the guild maxed for those nice bonuses and discounts.

Also, starting tomorrow I will be working on a spread sheet to see which card combos work best in each rule set. This should bring my winrate up. I will keep testing things until I find what works best for me in each rule set to reach gold this season.

Crypto Income

If anyone knows any other games that are fun to play and have crypto. Let me know. I am trying to build up my own little gaming empire lol. Now lets get into my low earnings from this past week. I didn't do much in drugwars and I spent the week testing things out with the summoner that was delegated to me.

Day PlayedDEC EarnedDWD Earned

Final Thoughts

This week was testing things out without the details I would like to review. So next week I am fully detailing everything I think is important for me to improve my gameplay in both drugwars and splinterlands. Hopefully I can boost my earnings to reinvest into splinterlands in order to earn more. Don't worry, I won't put all those details into my posts because that would make each post crazy long. Anyway, tell me what you think about my plans.

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