excessive stress will cause your life to crumble

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facing problems will cause a person to stress. this is a very common thing. and very reasonable thing. but the majority of cases of stress cause a person's life to be ruined. not only in terms of physical and mental health, but in environmental and family life.

someone who is experiencing stress, must have a strong coping mechanism. according to (keliat in 1999) Coping mechanism is a way that individuals do in solving problems, adjusting to changes, and responses to threatening situations.

meaning that someone has to adjust to change, and how to solve the problem, I will give a simple example. :

someone in elementary school is very studious. with the aim of getting 1st place in the school. when the test results come out, the child does not get any rank. he only managed to graduate. if the child does not have a strong coping mechanism, he is easily stressed, thus causing depression and frutation.

but if the child has a strong coping mechanism, he understands how to solve the problem. even though he was disappointed. he would say, it doesn't matter if I don't get 1st place. as long as I pass. that's if the child has a strong coping mechanism.

very many complications from excessive stress. in terms of body health, a person will lack body fluids. because he has no appetite and nausea and vomiting occur. and also causes stomach acid to increase. cause asthma because someone who is stressed makes breathing release a lot of oxygen. and this will most likely cause asthma. and many other causes.

in mental health, someone who experiences excessive stress, will cause crazy. depending on the problem, then the type of crazy is different. for example someone feels himself often insulted, in a curse, it will lead to a crazy type of social isolation. he felt disrespected in the environment and in the family.

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