how to cure toothache easily

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toothache really hurts. many people say it's better to break up than toothache 😀. because the pain that is felt can arise repeatedly. and I'm sure most people have experienced toothache. I found an easy way to cure toothache. This happened two months ago when I used a toothache medicine, but it never healed.

Toothache is caused by bacteria. thus causing holes. I finally thought that bacteria would die from hot temperatures. I use half-hot water and rinse my mouth 15 times. then I buy alcohol and cotton. I wet the cotton with alcohol then I put it in cavities.

I did it 5 times. and I was very surprised that this very simple way could cure the toothache that I felt. and I'm grateful until now the toothache doesn't come again. but anything that prevents is better than cure. prevent toothache by maintaining dental hygiene.

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