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Big bigger Biggest. I watched both of the documentaries on Videoland and SBS6 and choose sides !! Yes I am CAMP RICO

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Bigger than this I can not imagine. While the first match between kickboxing heroes Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari was already a true happening, the rematch today promises to be a real spectacle. The Netherlands has never been so captivated by two fighters. The bad guy and the beloved son in law you want to have. And divided Holland in to two camps. I am a lover not a fighter but these guys made an impression. All for the sports. And a giant sport it is. RESPECT for their LIFESTYLE and setting aside all that’s needed for the match and the love of kickboxing.

In the sold-out stadium of Ajax or Feijenoord the football clubs leading in Holland , on Saturday night, have 20.000 fans but tonight 31,000 spectators witness the clash for the Glory world title in the heavyweight. The tens of thousands of martial arts enthusiasts deposited amounts from 65 euros to 1500 euros for a ticket to watch the game live. Also during the earlier glory times of the Dutch kickboxing the attention was never that great. Almost ten years ago, a maximum of 20,000 people attended events at the Amsterdam ArenA.


To prevent fights in the public such as three years ago, when Verhoeven won in Oberhausen in Germany after an arm injury from Hari, no less than 32 security guards are positioned directly around the ring. In the König Pilsener Arena, where the more than 12,000 supporters created a very explosive atmosphere, a few fighting parties arose after the rise of the Dutchman and the Moroccan. Not tonight I hope. They both called their fans for respect for both sides.

On one side, all bombardment is a wonderful boost for kickboxing. Before the Verhoeven era, the fighting was in the damn corner for years, and the newspaper was only picked up when gala 's got out of hand in the country. On the other hand, as the rematch is called, Collision 2 has also surpassed the sporting element in an annoying way. The rivalry between Verhoeven and Hari regularly resembles a battle between the Netherlands and Morocco. Something they both detest, and do not want to know about and often spoken out against this trend. Nothing has to do with countries.

Mutual respect In that regard, the two fighting machines together yesterday gave a wonderful signal. Whereas at the press conference in October the mood rose high and heavy mud was thrown, the busy weighing in Sportcentrum Papendal was the result of mutual respect between The Good Guy and The Bad Boy. You saw that they liked the press but still both are dads too. Family men with a life outside kickboxing.


Both just before and just after the traditional stare down, Verhoeven (1.96 meters and 118.2 kilograms) and Hari (1.98 meters and 110.9 kilograms) gave each other a heartfelt hand and hug. There was even a smile-off. If that even exists. We both know what we had to do and not do for this. We compete in the ring, but outside of that we are athletes and we respect each other ”, Verhoeven said about the hug, which was initiated by Hari.


180 countries Can see the match !The majority of those interested are sitting at home in front of the tube. Presumably millions of people worldwide will engage. According to Glory, The match fixer and union, the party is broadcast in no fewer than 181 countries. The fight in 2016 kept around 775,000 Dutch (only Ziggo subscribers) glued to the screen, I hope I will be in time I am in Amsterdam, home to CAMP HARI so might see or hear some fans.


All photos are made watching the docu’s on tv, and with my phone with others it’s sourced.

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LOL do you actually watch the fight or are you jusy their for the muscles?

Again I am a lover not a fighter hahahahaha

I love watching great fighters who are also honorable sportsmen.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

Hi friend this was such a big thing and the country was divided

The fight reminded me of all Manny Pacquiao fights in boxing.... when he had a fight, the philippine Nation is halting to a stand because most are watching the live fight,,, which also means the crime statistics in the Philippines at the time of the fight was almost zero. All are frozen in front of the monitor, LOl!

It’s starting now