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The Education Scam

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It becomes obvious to me that not only are citizens going to stop paying for education, they'll be paid to become educated. The system is going to be flipped on its ear.

Once some of the corruption is stripped away from our governance structures, the new generations that ascend to power are going to realize that it makes sense to pay people to do things that they once had to pay for.

Education, diet and exercise, healthcare and wellness, etc. These are all parts of life that citizens would be much more inclined to participate in if they were being paid to do so.

As decentralized governance structures (crypto city-states) start to take root in this world, they're going to need to find ways to outmaneuver the status quo. Paying citizens to plan for the future is an avenue that the legacy economy will never be able to monetize effectively, but we can.

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Hi @edicted
I agree, part of the vision Dan Larimer wrote about in his early writings on DPOS was to replace government enforced behavior at the end of a gun barrel with voluntary compliance because it pays. The previous society model of molding behavior by negative reinforcement has been shown not to work because humans don’t think they will get caught. On the other hand rewarding good behavior even irregularly has positive results, because all believe they can win!

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I agree @edicted. It is a novel idea but one that is completely capable under cryptocurrency. Crypto-economics is going to usher in a completely new era structuring society.

How soon until the masses sign on? There is no telling. We are going to see a lot of changes in terms of technological possibilities, whether the people are ready or not is the question.

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