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The Power Of Steem: It Keeps Getting Copied

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If you hate so much Steem why are still here???

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Aaand here we go, to another problem that hasn't changed...

Everytime somebody criticizes anything related to Steem, it's content, it's system or it's users its that person is a "steem hater"...

You know, if everybody just hold hands and and sing along how awesome steem is, nothing will evolve.

Besides, this have nothing to do with the topic here. The topic is "let's talk about how bad it is to use twisted half-truths to shill something"

I know, its a problem for crypto in general. Say something moon-boyish and you'll be honored, share genuine concern in anyway about a blockchain/cryptocurrency and everyone ragequits on you. There seems to be very little rational thinking when money is involved.

Steem so far seems to be the most decentralized platform. But the very serious issue that nobody wants to talk about is the fact that true Youtube stars don't care about being on Steem. We need to figure out why this is. Tim Pool started out here! We need to know why he left. If this is going to be solved we have to know why other cool guys like Joe Rogan, Valuetainment,Eric Weinstein, Jordan Peterson and the rest of the intellectual dark web don't bother posting here.

About decentralized platform for videos, check out what @justineh wrote about this subject. It's really interesting.

But as for no known content creator caring about steem I can list a few probable reasons:

1 - the user interface sucks. It can't attract "normal" users like other social media because its too complicated
2 - steem have an old fame of being a scam, because of all the ninja mine that happened at the begining of the blockchain.
3 - those with steem power/influence are too busy circle jerking each other to bother to look outside.
4 - There is no real incentive to abandon well stablished and fully functional platforms to join steem
5 - steem inc./ned have no idea what they are doing
6 - a big part of the funds are being redirected to stuff that bring dubious value
7 - there is always somebody coming up with "great" ideas, like the @sbdpotato that direct attention and rewards to totally useless projects
8 - most of the community sucks, it's hard to find interesting things to read, because there is not many interesting creators.

I could add a few more, but I have to go to sleep now...

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you said. It is sad because I like the idea of decentralized blogging, but far too much was done wrong with Steem to repair it seems.

And you solve problems in steem by downvoting!!! Congrats champ you are awesome!!!

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Bro, what kind of drugs are you using? Please let me know because I want some...

Who talked about downvotes? And where you saw any downvote from me around here?

Also, you clearly doesn't understand why we have downvotes...

3 downvotes from your alt accounts

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OK, show me if you are that good. Name my alt accounts, and i will send you 1 Steem.

And to make it easy for you, i have only 2 alt accounts, not 3.

send 1 btc and I'll do it!!!

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Sure, i can send you 0.8 BTC. Just name them...

BTC: 1866oCGbq8X8uCjEvz1LPCVAztgaAWgTju

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