RE: My First Bought Booster: Splinterlands, A Blast From The Past!

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My First Bought Booster: Splinterlands, A Blast From The Past!

in LeoFinance •  3 months ago 

Your luck is amazing! Congrats.

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It was certainly lucky.


Share the first battle you win with it. :)

That would be difficult to find :)

I was browsing my old topics and came across the screen shot provided which prompted this current topic. Hopefully one day the GFL will be worth into the thousands again.

Oh ok. Yeah, hopefully the value goes up. I'm new to the game only been playing 6 weeks. So none of my cards are worth much. I will get there one day.

Nice, there's no better time to join than the present. Joining at the moment still makes you an early adapter imo. I see you're off to a great start with your collection. I have a feeling the reward cards we attain today for free will one day be some of the more valuable cards if this game reaches mass adaption.

True, only time will tell. I been trying to get as many reward cards as I can. Using the DEC to buy quest potions almost everyday. Hopefully I can max out some of the cards and rent them out.

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