25,000: A goal attained

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Today started like any other Monday morning, by 7:30am I was sitting at my desk watching my computer boot up with a rather glum look on my face; Just a touch of Mondayitis making me feel a bit green around the gills so to speak.

What I didn't know was that this Monday was going to be momentous.

Here's the story...

The day is June 13th 2017 and my first post goes live on steem, my introduction post. I knew almost nothing about the platform and even less about crypto-currency although felt I had a story to tell and my brother @tarazkp seemed to think here was as good a place to tell it than any other.

Over the 1419 posts I've written [including this one] in the 951 days I've been here on steem I've told that story in the only way I know how...With passion.

Yes I know, not all of my posts have been magnificent works of prose; However the words I have strung together represent my life, thoughts, hopes, fears, success and failures and I've tried to be inventive with my writing and to write well, at least to the best ability I have considering I never finished high school. I guess my ethos of writing about things that interest me, and applying passion help me write a little better.

When I first started at whatever low level a noob starts at, pond-scum level I think, I looked up the food chain to some of the larger accounts and felt somewhat out of my depth, not in life as the true me, but here on steem. I felt insignificant especially considering my SP was pathetically low and my upvote value was a hefty small 0.00!

Still, I wrote and wrote, voted, commented and engaged with some of the larger accounts I came across, despite my feelings of trepidation and of being a lowly little minnow.

It was at that time I decided to set a goal for myself. A goal of 25,000 steem powered up. It seemed a legit number, a large number to be honest, and I thought it was high enough to be difficult to achieve and yet still attainable, which would keep me motivated.

Today 951 days later I achieved that goal. 25,000SP.

No, I don't need or want a medal, recognition, acknowledgement or really anything at all...Attaining my goal is reward enough...But to achieve my goal, especially after 951 days of endless effort...Well, recognising my own achievement is something I feel vindicated to do. I hope you can grant me this post of self-recognition.

I'll be honest with you though, just under 3,000SP has been purchased and powered up...Yeah, I invested my own money. I don't have loads to spare to buy steem though and so the other 22,000SP+ has been earned. In truth it has all been earned as I work for the fiat I bought steem with, but I mean earned by posting here.

So, today I wanted to acknowledge my personal achievement and offer my perspective on how I have reached my goal:

Writing what I am passionate about and interested in, consistency, persistence and the big E..Engagement.

That's pretty much it. Sure, I was fortunate enough to have my brother assist me along the way and there have been some others also..If you're reading this you're one of them...But in general I fully believe it is about those basic things as above: Passion, consistency and engagement.

I believe in steem, in the blockchain, and social-media/blogging concept. I believe it has the potential to furnish me with a valuable reward from a monetary perspective and it already has done so from a personal enjoyment perspective. Is it flawed and broken at times and in places? Yes, just like all human beings are themselves...But in the main, if treated with respect, it can be an amazingly rewarding place to spend time.

I'm pleased to be here still, to have weathered the storms, some of which continue unabated, and that I have it within me to see it through to the end. I'm also pleased to have achieved my goal of 25,000SP and to have had a cadre of amazing people around me and to see new people engaging with me daily. That's you guys...The ones still reading this post. I appreciate you.

I don't know what my next goal is going to be...To be honest I haven't given it much thought. 30,00SP...50,000SP? I don't know. What I hope though is that people see my journey over the last 951 days and see that it is possible to achieve one's goals here, and to enjoy the journey.

That's pretty much it y'all...A good-news story for Monday morning.

I hope to see you around sometime and to curate your work for @curangel; Something I do to help users with undervalued posts to gain some additional exposure and vote-action.

Also, if you're looking for an easy way to track your engagement levels make sure you check out the Engagement League where the champ @abh12345 tracks your engagement metrics and reports weekly. The Engagement League link here will take you to this weeks' results. Just comment inthe comments of that post that you want to be involved and you're in, that's it.

Just speaking from personal experience it is a very easy way to see how you're going with engagement against other users and keeps me motivated and engaging...The way to get somewhere here on steem! No stress on your though, @abh12345 does all the work.

Righto...That's it other than a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have supported me, and continue to do so. Thank you.

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default
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Smashing, mate :)

I'm pretty chuffed with it to be honest...It seemed like a long looooooonnnnnng way off all those months ago but in under three years...Well, I'm pretty pleased. Now let's hope it means something down the track.

That is some achievement and done without abusing the system. Not too long ago you would see a lot of posts with 10 words and one picture, and that same person would put up 5 posts a day. Needless to say they would self vote every one of their posts and then have their buddies join in. At that rate, I could see one accumulating a vast # of posts, but to do it the way you have done, with quality content is admirable.
I have been trying to keep up with the fires in Australia, just to see how you and your countrymen are doing with the devastating fires that just won't quit. This morning the first thing I ran into was an article about hail and dust storms battering southeastern Australia as the bushfires continue. Enough is enough already, you guys deserve a break @galenkp.

Hey mate, thank you. Yes, I post around 700-1000 words on average, sometimes many more and like to think they maintain a certain quality. I have self-voted in the past, but a 0.05 self-vote isn't what I would call reward-pool abuse...Now my vote is a little bigger...Well, I haven't self-voted for months.

I won't say it's been easy to build, however it has been enjoyable and I've met some great people along the way so it's also been rewarding.

There's been flood warnings lately, flash flooding and storms...Australia is a land of extremes and whist it bites at times, we love it. A little rain is welcome after 8 years of crushing drought conditions, it would be nice if it didn't come all at once though.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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thank you very much @misterengagement

Congratulations, really. 25000 is definitely huge beyond reckoning it'll take me sometimes to achieve this. See you at 50,000 my friend.

Well I have some undervalued posts too if you care to see

Thank you, I have put a lot of effort into it.

I have seen your blog and voted you some too...You seem to go quite well with payouts...I tend to look for those below $3.00 though as it is often the new people who need that boost. I have seen many posts only achieve a few cents and offering them some support is critical as we need those small accounts to make their way forward. Having said that, I'll keep an eye out for your posts and if I see something a little unrewarded I'll throw it into the mix.

I appreciate you getting back to me and for taking the time to read my post in the first place.

Oh thanks a lot, I enjoy your contents on cars and kayaking and others stuffs as well. Keep bringing them. Cheers!

You're very welcome, I'll keep doing my best and you keep up the great work you're doing too! :)

1,419?! Incredible. Congratulations on the 25k. Man, you’ve nearly topped me five times over in about the same time. 1,419.. dang, I don’t know much about real estate but that’s a lot! I don’t know much about math either either but that’s exactly 1n1/2 posts per day. This time next week you should be approaching 1,600. 😉 Actually, more like 1,421 but who’s counting?

I remember way back when I posted 7 days straight one time, way to one up 1,108 up me!

Well played, sir, have a great week @galenkp.

Hey mate, thanks for commenting. It's about 1.49 posts for every one of the 951 days. A lot huh?

Hope you're well. Have a cracker. (of a day)

My pleasure, @galenkp. Yeah, I did the “n1/2” because I didn’t want to confuse anyone with “n4,921/10,000.” Confused myself just writing it actually, 🤔 Had to check and recheck the calculator—you know how these things are with their autocorrect and all.

You know—You’ve doubled my SP, too! What’s next?!? Wait.. don’t answer that.

Man, I’m glad you responded, though, because I wanted to comment on your picture. That grin on your face has this song written all over it. 👍🏿

Haha...That selfie caught me in a rare moment: Smiling. It doesn't happen very often...I had just jumped into my Landcruiser and was heading to work...No idea why I was so happy.

I didn't have that song playing though, although it's a pretty smooth groove.

Howdy sir galenkp! Great job of achieving that, shoot for Orca next! lol.

Jeez...Sounds good but it's so much work! How about "bigger dolphin?"

lol...well I guess dolphin status is until you get to Orca right? So I guess people just become bigger and fatter dolphins! lol.

My acct is basically static, growing at the pace of a slug so I'm gonna be cutting my time on here.

Overweight dolphin. Yeah, that's me.

You're account is growing slowly and you're cutting back? That won't make it grow any faster. Still, if you're not enjoying it then it's time to find something else that engages you more. I hope to see you around from time to time though.

Oh no, it would be a dream if it produced a decent amount of income and I hope it will one day but just having fun doesn't justify me being on here. lol.

Ah OK well that's a shame. I'll miss our banter and your comments and wish you all the best in whatever endeavour you invest your time.

Well I plan on staying with steemit, I just won't be on here as much. My goal was to make dolphin before I stepped back so I still want to hit that goal.

I'm sure you will...How far off are you currently?


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Yeah, a thumbs up pretty well sums it up...Been a lot of work. You're one who has supported me since almost the very beginning so I really appreciate that. 🇦🇺

Congrats, man, that's awesome. I'm glad to see you're grinding your way out to success on here. Hopefully I'll be able to hit 5k by the end of this year. But, then again, I am a massive fucking nerd and tend to spend my Steem on buying Funko Pops from other Steemians. I guess I should probably be a big man and start spending that on yu-gi-oh cards instead, a true intellectuals collectible.

Thanks mate, it's been a grind, a good way to put it. Enjoyable though and so no real complaints. I haven't powered down at all so that helps the balance I suppose...I've heard about FunkoPops but never bought one...Same with the cards. I remember how hard it was to get to 5000 but it seemed easier from there, maybe because I had built some good relationships by then.

Thanks for commenting. I know it sounds want but I'm really grateful to everyone who engages with me. Here's a nipple tweak in gratitude. 👌

Yeah, I would have probably hit it by now had I not powered down before. But, I did so back when Steem was worth a dollar or two so I could use the spare funds to get an engagement ring for my fiancee. So, I don't really regret it or anything.

Also, yeah, I'd just stay away from Funko Pops. Shit is a fucking wormhole for spare money and all you get in return in some vinyl to rub all over your body in the shower when no one else is home.

Lol, you crack me up...

Yeah, powering down and taking some value at the right price isn't a bad option. Gets stuff paid for and I bet the fiancee was pleased.

Congratulations 🎉👏. It's a lovely good decision to reach this far. Well-done 💯

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Thank you. It has been a bit of work but it's been enjoyable also, so no complaints. I'll push on from here, same as always, and see where it goes. Thanks for commenting.


What's the KP stand for? And keep up the writing, I for one think both of you have a knack for expressing yourself well!

Hey there, thanks for coming by and commenting too. Yes, I feel that over the time here I've gotten better at telling my story...I've written some shockers too though. Lol. There was one about a Lego block that comes to mind...It was interesting to say the least. 😁

The KP is name-related.

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Congrats! Got me beat! I hope to catch up soon!

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Thanks mate, it's been a bit of effort I'll be honest, although I've enjoyed the process, the writing, sharing and engagement so whilst it's been some work and effort it's also been rewarding at each step. I'm thinking on where to set my next goal...I think 30,000 might be a good safe bet.

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Nicely done :)

50k in a year or so (without outside investment) then?

Hmm, good goal...But that would depend on who likes my posts I think. Worth a try though right?


Your posts are so varied, as long as they are seen I'm sure there's something for everyone :)

Yes I tend to post eclectically I guess...So much going on in this noggin...And yet so little.

Congratulations on getting to your goal!

Thank you.

Congrats Bro.!

Thank you sir. Been a long haul.