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This post is also written in Italian --> Italian version

Hello friends,
four months ago and precisely on 19 October 2019 I registered on Splinterlands.


After a few days of play and a few battles, I immediately realized the great potential of Splinterlands both as a game and as an investment.

First three months and expected annual ROI

After three months I recovered the initial investment of $ 10 and also got a small profit of around 8 STEEM.

According to my calculations, by buying only the StarterSet and completing the daily missions without spending anything else, not only is the initial investment recovered but more than 300% of annual ROI can be obtained.

Basically you invest $ 10 (registration fee) and at the end of the year you have about $ 30-40 net profit.
Obviously we are talking about small numbers but the exceptional thing is that you get this small profit by not working but only playing and having fun.

Where if not on Steem can you be rewarded for playing and having fun?

The world of Steem's blockchain is a wonderful world!

If you want to learn more you can find all my calculations and my predictions in this [post] ( -347-you-splinterlands-and-really-a-good-investment-roi).


Shopping at the Splinterlands supermarket

I don't have a crystal ball but I am firmly convinced that Splinterlands is a game / investment that can still grow a lot (my personal opinion).

For this reason I decided to continue investing in Splinterlands!
I created my own "shopping list" and at the top of the list I put the purchase of summoner cards.

The shopping list

The summoners


In four months of play I got many cards as a reward for completing daily missions and as a reward for the end of the season.

I combined the identical cards and got several cards from level 4 upwards.
When you buy the Starter Set you receive six Summoner cards that have a level equal to 1.

The problem is that level 1 summoners can only summon level 1 cards.

For this reason I have decided to bring all my summoners to level 3.
A level 3 summoner is obtained by combining 5 summoner cards of the same type.

My purchases:

In the following table you can see all the summoner cards I purchased.


In some purchases I was very lucky and found prices much lower than market prices as in the case of Lyanna Natura. In the case of Alric Stormbringer instead I found prices in line with market prices.

BCX and $ / BCX

If you don't know the terms BCX and $/BCX I'll explain them below:

BCX - Basic Card experience: indicates the number of cards to be combined to obtain a card of the level indicated in the box alongside.


$/BCX: Given the total cost, it indicates the cost in $ of the single card.


I spent a total of $ 34.89 = 166.14286 STEEM.


To purchase the cards I used:

  • the internal market of Splinterlands



Internal market vs PeakMonsters

If you need to buy cards, I recommend using the PeakMonsters market.
In the Splinterlands internal market you can buy a card at the best price at a certain time.
In the PeakMonsters market you can make offers below the market price (BID) and therefore you can get much more advantageous prices.

How to bid on PeakMonsters

Take for example the Lyanna Natura (Level 1) card whose lowest market price is $ 1,669.

1 copy.jpg

If the price you want to spend is not $ 1,669 but $ 1.2.

You must click on BID


On the next screen:

  • 1 Enter the price
  • 2 Enter the quantity
  • 3 Click on ** CONFIRM **

Bid2 copia.jpg

Do you want to view your offer?

Click on Profile at the top right

Profile copia.jpg

In the next screen click on BIDS

Profile2 copia.jpg

Easy right?

Purchase of additional cards:

In addition to the summoners, I also bought cards:


Total Investment Cost

The total cost of my investment on Splinterlands to date is given by the following sum:

Entry Cost (Starter Set) + Summoner Cost + Additional Card Cost


The total cost in STEEM is 230.80952


Evaluating Splinterlands as an investment

To evaluate an investment, you need to compare costs and revenues.


We calculated the total cost before (230,82952 STEEM) and therefore we just have to calculate the revenues.

On Splinterlands, revenues are mainly represented by Cards and DEC (Dark Energy Crystal).

How much are my cards worth?

To calculate the dollar value of my cards I use the Peakmonsters website which greatly facilitates and speeds up the calculation.
I will take into consideration the value of my cards using the BIDS prices that is the value that can be immediately monetized.

ValoreCarteBids copia.jpg

The STEEM value is

How much are my DECs worth?

I have 880 DEC and to calculate the STEEM value I use the site

dec copia.jpg

The value of my DECs is 2.2792 STEEM.

Revenues - Costs

Now we have all the data we need to draw conclusions



After the first three months I got a profit of 8 STEEM.

The fourth month I spent $ 38 on cards and still have a small 4 STEEM profit.

With enhanced cards I will earn more DEC and more rewards.

If I was convinced before that Splinterlands was an excellent investment now my belief is even more solid.

Goals and Strategies

Diamond League: My main goal is to enter the Diamond League by the end of February.

Strategy: I will reinvest 50% of the earnings I will make from now on in cards and untamed packs.
The remaining 50% I will use it to do PowerUp

Every month I will write a post to evaluate Splinterlands not as a game but as an investment and I will calculate the ROI.

Not yet registered on Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is the game that has the greatest potential on Steem's blockchain and beyond ...

If you are not yet registered on Splinterlands and have decided to register, you can do it from this link:

obviously if you like to use my refferal link ...

To incentivize people to join Splinterlands I will reward all Stemians who register on Splinterlands and who use my refferal link and purchase the Starter Set with:


Important note: the first access to Splinterlands must be done from the refferal link.

If you liked my post leave a comment, an upvote or make a resteem.

See you on the Splinterlands battlefields. </ Center>


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