There are a few days left until the start of the game / Holybread

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Hello friends! Only a few days separate us from the definitive start of Holybread, the game that is already revolutionizing the steem blockchain. Following the lines of my Project Hope teammates, @juanmolina and @lanzjoseg, I bring you a new invitation to this exciting and rewarding game.

If you have already read about this game and you have not registeredyou must do so, and if you have not heard this is your chance to pre-register before January 27 and you will receive Holybread as a gift to start your epic adventure in Holybread.

What is Holybread?
Holybread is an RPG style browsergame, where you own heroes, skill and level them and let them compete against others in the Arena. You will have to send your heroes on missions in order to level them up and earn some gold. Buy the best gear you can find in the Item Store for even more power as you climb to the top of the Arena ranking.
Explore the Market where you can buy and sell items and heroes. I have just very recently seen one of those desirable trashy tridents there ...

How do I register?

It is very easy to be part of this game, to register you only need to have a steem account, access the game on the platform through Steemconnect or Steem-Keychain.

The pre-registration system in this first stage was arranged as a reference link system. Once you are registered you will get your referral link with which you can invite your friends to be part of the game, you will also get 5% profit for each referral. Isn't this great?

The entire team of @project.hope were kindly invited by the developers of this game, @thebluewin, @auminda, @xyrijan.

For a few weeks we were testing the game's behavior. In my personal opinion this will be the game to be talking about in the future, for ease of maneuver, for how it is conceived and the profits it can generate, I highly recommend it and invite you to participate. You must be there!

If you wish you can enter the game using our reference link:

Summary so far.

I can say that by the date of this publication I am closing the first round of hero auction.

So far more than 3500 users have registered with Holybread and this number continues to grow. A real madness!

Remember that the official launch will be this January 27 and you should not miss the appointment.

registered in Holybread and be part of a great experience, in this game you can fight in the arena against your opponents, get rewards that you can then change for steem, you can level up completing missions, acquire equipment to become stronger, among other things that you can achieve

For more information you can follow the official accounts of the developers @thebluewin, @auminda, @xyrijan,
and the official account of the game @holybread.

Join the Discord channel: Holybread

Or read the following publications:

Holybread - RPG Gamebrowser - Earn Real Money

By @juanmolina

Holybread Launch 27th January 2020!. New RPG style browsergame on Steem Blockchain

By @lanzjoseg

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Hi brother @fucho80.
Great Post!
All we are exited waiting for Holybread.

Thanks for mention

Hi @juanmolina.

True friend, we all hope that the game starts, there are only a few days left for that.

Blessings friend!

God bless you bro.

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Hi @fucho80

A great post and then I'm registered a long time ago I'm waiting for the start of this game. As a fan of the RPG, I find it fascinating as well as another game that I am also waiting for as the beginning of @radaquest I do not know if you know about it but it is very interesting and another initiative in which I am participating as an investor from several months

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello dear @reinaldoverdu, thanks for being here.

As a fan of the RPG, I find it fascinating as well as another game that I am also waiting for as the beginning of @radaquest I do not know if you know about it but it is very interesting and another initiative in which I am participating as an investor from several months

That is good news, I did not know anything about this release, congratulations I hope it is a successful project, I will surely play it too.

Hi @fucho80

I can't wait to see what will be response of other users. Will people see games similar to @holybread worth their time or not.

Hello dear @crypto.piotr thanks for your comment.

The game is generating expectations, we must wait for development, it is an attractive game.

If we will see games similar or superior to this, I think we should wait. Right now there are many developers working on games based on the blockchain of steem and I know that other alternatives will emerge.

Hi @fucho80

I know that other alternatives will emerge.

Let me know if you would hear about any new game / software on steem blockchain , ok? :)

Cheers, Piotr

I've never played any of these blockchain games before. Is there going to be easy instructions to tell newbies how to play ?