Accessory to control devices with the mind

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Hello dear readers, I have been reviewing the innovations in technology, artificial intelligence that were presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, and to be honest there is material for many publications.



Today I briefly share with you one of the things that caught my attention, it is necessary to say that we do not know how many of these devices will actually become objects of consumption or what their real impact on society will be, however, I think the amount is interesting of objects, software and technological artifacts that are presented at this event.


Among the objects that attract attention is NextMind, a device that according to the company that develops it will allow the user to control other devices with his mind, something truly impressive.

This company claims to have created a device, which is placed behind the head and connects through eight electrodes with our mind and is capable of converting signals from the visual cortex of the brain into digital commands.

This technology as they express has its learning time for both the user and the device, it will be like having a remote control in our mind.

"The more it is used, the easier it is for NextMind to" understand "what" you are thinking "and turn it into actions. Let's give a simple example: pause a movie. The pause icon consists of two vertical stripes, so when you we see our eyes "project" an image similar to the visual cortex of our brain that NextMind decodes, understanding what icon we mean. Subsequently, the information is sent to the device in real time and the action is executed, in this case pause a movie . "

This product is expected to be sold to some developers for $ 399. So far there are not many devices, but it is expected that a second batch of these devices will be produced by the last quarter of 2020.


It is very difficult to calculate the success of these technological developments, these devices presented at CES 2020, what we cannot deny is the ambition of each project and the progress we see every year in this event.

Let me know your opinion, I will soon come with more!

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Hello dear @ fucho80:

Without a doubt this is an amazing invention, I have been very impressed with the truth the advances in technology are quite aggressive.

I think that this invention has to be tested for a good time and be improved, the social implications it can have are enormous, just imagine that an invention of this nature falls into the hands of a psychopath or a harmful mind, I think as I said Previously, it must first be tested and improved and then there must be a regulation or regulation regarding this type of device, because it may be in the wrong hands to be dangerous for humanity.

In any case it is simply impressive.

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Friend @reinaldoverdu, thanks for your comment.

The advances in technology in recent years are surprising.

I agree when you say that devices such as these should be regulated, we still do not know the impact it will have on society, but it is reasonable to think that if it is misused it can be harmful.

Hi @fucho80

Wow Friend, this product is great.
but after reading your publication and knowing what the scope of that technological object is, I think and I am sure that it could be used in other things, example I think it can also be used to help deaf people who are deaf, so that they can improve the communication and even help them build words that can be transformed into audible.
well I also thought about other things,

Technology as always surprising everyone.

Saludos mi pana.

Hello dear @lanzjoseg, great comment.

Yes, it may be possible to have other applications and be used for a better purpose. The truth of all this is that every day they surprise us with innovations in technology.

¡Gracias hermano!

Dear @fucho80

Thanks for such a good read. Topics related to AI are one of my fav ones.

I seriously wonder what will be impact of those solutions on it's users and society in general. Tools similar to NextMind are nothing but scary. It's both fascinating and terrifying to see what it is capable of.

While thinking about current lack of privacy and our data being collected by goverments and tech giants - I would absolutely stay away from using any device, which can "read my mind" and store all those collected data.

Upvote on the way,
Yours, Piotr

Hello dear @crypto.piotr, thanks for reading and commenting.

I think that right now we cannot measure the impact that a device like this will have on society, in what we do agree is that they are devices to be taken care of.

Many of these devices end up failing to meet the expectations generated or being used for other purposes outside the original purpose so they were created.