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Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, some investors or early adopters saw it's potential and evaluated future capabilities and without hesitating , grabbed the opportunity to invest which gave back good profits. Although, uncertainty was part of the reaction surrounding the existence of cryptocurrency, those individuals that acted based on their beliefs by investing their funds into cryptocurrency became successful with huge fortunes. Overtime, cryptocurrency became popular and globally accepted as a means of exchange, paying for goods and services savings and potentially, utilized as a source of investment.
Cryptocurrency might be observed as the opportunity to escape the issues of the traditional system of payment and means of making of huge profits, however, it is faced with some constraints which pose to be unfavorable to investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Some of the major problems include startup mismanagement and security concerns. In the cryptocurrency space, blockchain technology existence provided means for many startups and businesses to be established. These projects introduced funding scheme called ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) which enables cryptocurrency investors to invest their money into the project and launched altcoins. In time, most of the startups fail to realize their goals due to some challenges, thus leading to massive loss in both investor funds and proposed profits.
Another problem affecting cryptocurrency investment involves security breaches. This is a huge challenge for every investor because cryptocurrency has become a trend in the financial market, thus a potential target for hackers and cyber criminals. However, all hope is not lost for the investors, because Quantum Hedge Fund has been created to be the feasible solution to the problems surrounding cryptocurrency investment.



Everyday, investors are searching for means to invest in businesses and promising digital assets that is safe, transparent and versatile, with good chances of generating reasonable profits. The cryptocurrency market is filled with different types of startups and altcoins for investments but only a handful have the capability to deliver the essential services and qualities desired by crypto investors.
Quantum Hedge Fund is one of such startups with features and tools that can captivate the minds of investors and crypto enthusiasts. The project was created by innovative individuals who specialize in algorithmic and manual techniques of asset management. That is not all, the team also comprises of individuals with capable experience in development of electronic systems with good specialization in convectional financial market.
With these set of brains and skills working together, the Quantum Hedge Fund also known by abbreviation (QHF) is a unique ecosystem that utilizes hybrid model to implement efficient asset management which mitigates risk and yields more profit from investor's capital. Investors using the platform are assured to make stable income from their investments because Quantum Hedge fund incorporates manual and automatic analysis of assets and cryptocurrency market, thus eliminating chances for unreasonable market loss and adapts to any current state of the market which facilitate good results in trading and investment performance.
This improved trend of cryptocurrency investment adopted by Quantum Hedge Fund ensures that investors can invest without fears and complaints, creates increased income generating means via advanced investment services and tools which exist without flaws associated with conventional investment and trading market.


The cryptocurrency market have always been dominated by cryptocurrencies and startups with tools and services that provide more exceptional and qualitative purpose than it's competitors. Therefore, Quantum Hedge Fund has been designed to tackle persisting issues of cryptocurrency investment and employs new approach in enacting the solution for the end users.
Quantum Hedge Fund is made of three components : Blockchain, QTM digital tokens and consensus mechanisms. QHF being founded on blockchain technology runs on Quantum blockchain which offers quantum resistant signatures in consensus system and token infrastructure. Leveraging Quantum blockchain implements more layered security protocols that eliminate susceptibility to quantum attacks, thus investors can transfer and invest their money with peace of mind. Quantum blockchain guarantees more anonymity, transparency scalability and fast processing of transactions inside Quantum Hedge Fund ecosystem.

Q3 2018
Alpha verses
Persiapan White Paper QHF v1;
Testing software in a simulated environment: Info Focus, CRM Universal, Impulse Trade, Quantum Flux;
Preparation of legal and technical force for the operation of the Fund;
The selection and approval of partners for operations with capital;
Development of a Fund security protocol;
Website development;
Formation of advisory team;
Registration and acquisition of appropriate legal documentation in accordance with existing regulatory standards;
Applying adjustments to the asset management process;

Q4 2018
Launching Alpha version of Dana;
Launching the Alpha version of the Dana website;
Implementation of all Dana's security protocols after successful pressure testing;
Debugging the Fund system based on the first feedback received during live testing;
Development of an autonomous Quantum Technology ecosystem;
Obtain an Asset Management License;
Conduct market feasibility studies with an advisory team;
Benchmarking and testing several marketing strategies;
Launch of the Alpha version of the Dana agency program;

Q1 2019
Update on Fund marketing strategies and agency programs;
Implementation of transaction debugging mechanism;
Main updates and pressure testing of the Dana security protocol;
Stage Holders of Quantum Technology;

Q2 2019
Review of the quantum containment methodology after in-depth research on current generation blockchain technology with a team of post-quantum cryptography developers and experts;
Begin the Blockchain development process;
Stages Definition of signature for use in Blockchain-based Quantum;

Q3 2019
Beta verses
Major system updates and Beta launches;
Launching the Beta version of the Fund agency program;
CRM platform update;
Definition of functions and implementation of QTM v1;
Starting the implementation of a global marketing strategy: first partnership with international agencies and partners. Activation of relations with relevant media;

Q4 2019
OTS and the extended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS) are defined as the optimal multiple signature solution;
In-depth research reveals the need to develop QTM as an isolated network with interoperability in subsequent channels.
Begin the QTM Proof-Of-Stake (POS) development process;

Q1 2020
Development of prototype nodes with basic POS algorithms and integration of extended Merkle signature schemes (XMSS);
Testing the stability of security protocols against potential vulnerabilities to hacking attempts from outside;

Q2 2020
Network testing with nodes running on MacOS, Linux, Windows;
Optimizing C ++ nodes. Encrypted communication between nodes (lattice-based cryptography);
Intelligent integration of electronic certificates, contracts and agreements into Quantum-based Blockchain;
Update QTM to QTM v2;

Q3 2020
Development of a Quantum Technology ecosystem based on Blockchain-based Quantum:
Establish management solutions based on Blockchain-based Quantum security protocols;
Insurance services based on Blockchain-based Quantum;
Platform for social and economic interaction based on Blockchain based Quantum;
Micro and macro financial services based on Blockchain-based Quantum;

Q4 2020
Development of a Quantum Technology ecosystem based on Blockchain-based Quantum:
Implementation and consolidation of variable frequencies for digital signatures;
Enter the possibility of updating digital signature schemes in Blockchain-based Quantum (Xmss, sphincs, + future), updating address formats, supporting various cryptographic mixed functions (SHA2_256, SHAKE_128, SHAKE_256 etc.).
Update QTM to QTM v3;

Q1 2021
Blockchain-based Quantum Testing for vulnerability to external hacking efforts;
The initiation of a public hacking test conducted by a third party;

Q3 2021
Assessment of the possibility of digitizing human DNA and transferring it to Blockchain based Quantum DNA Explorer;
Development of an exclusive payment system based on Blockchain-based Quantum;
Development of Blockchain-based Quantum Banking Ecosystems;

Q2 2022
Verses Gamma
Testing the Blockchain based Quantum DNA network;
Test Blockchain-based Quantum Bank Ecosystems

Quantum Hedge Fund is innovative and beneficial for every investor who wants a reliable and trusted source to acquire more profit from their capital. Spearheaded by experienced team members removes uncertainty and failure of mismanagement from this project, establishing a comfortable atmosphere for safe and efficient investment which in turn generates stable profits for users.

Official Links of the Project :
WEBSITE: https://qtf.ai/r8ew2a
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/qhfofficial
WHITEPAPER: https://cdn.qtmf.ai/static/partner/docs/QuantumFund-WP-v2.pdf?v=201912051559
BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5215204.0
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/qhfofficial
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/qhfofficial
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIBRLq_b7FmhHZW8p8IBF_Q/featured

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