Estimating Deaths From Corona Virus.

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So my roommate was talking to me about how people are trying to project how many have died from Corona Virus by measuring sulfur in the air. My roommate kind of a bull-shitter so I looked it up on my own.


Evidence suggests that crematoriums are running 24×7 and burning thousands of infected dead bodies in a day.

So to account for the rise in sulfur dioxide levels around Wuhan, one would have to burn 13,968 bodies.


I'm not going to research this more to vouch for it's credibility.
What fun would that be?


I really have to wonder if this is just a little taste of the hardships humanity will have to endure over the next decade. The stars are aligning against us it seems. We're due for a monster financial crisis as the stock market bubbles to new all time highs. The military industrial complex is just as busy as ever trying to enslave the world. Kudos to them for doing such a good job.

Yada yada yada.

Here's the top comment on that article:

Why can't they just be straight up and report the facts as they are? Politics - A cesspool of the vilest of human beings and their self serving disgusting behaviour.

I don't even know how to unpack that. Because America is so great? Perhaps the reason you keep it quiet is to prevent widespread panic and riots? Not saying that's a good reason, just not one that's based on profit margins (Just kidding it totally is. Riots are expensive.)

I guess deep down I know that the same people who make comments like that are the first ones to be corrupted by the power they claim to despise.

Yep, that sounds about right.

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what will happen when Corona Virus hits the homeless populations in California ?

The 13,968 number came from someone on 4chan, not exactly a reliable source. I don’t believe the numbers coming from the Chinese government but that doesn’t mean that Joe Blow from 4chan has a clue.

This is a complete bullshit measurement.
They were on vacation and stopped production for a few weeks. They are turning production back on to catch up for halted production.

Even if that sulphur is only from bodies, maybe they were just stacking up while society was shut down?

Even then, ~833,333 people die every month throughout China for all sorts of reasons.

Adding 75000 a month (numbers 100x the reported covid-19 fatalities), would only increase it by 8%.

Yeah I thought it was pretty flimsy.

The air is terrible in Seoul right now, I can't see the mountain 7km from my office today.
I just checked my app and Beijing, Shenzen and Shanghai look cleaner than normal, probably less than normal activity. Xian is really bad today (it has a lot of industrial facilities that cannot shut down due to massive costs and global demand), but Wuhan/Heibei area is really really clean which means they are still up to nothing much.
In anycase the amount of sulfur 1 medium coal plant produces is going to dwarf the amount of sulfur produced by burning thousands of bodies.
China is pretty good at covering stuff up, but I've got a lot of friends and coworkers who live in China and they would probably mention piles of bodies. Wuhan isn't some back water place. It has infrastructure that puts most of the west to shame.
Besides hundreds of people are still being evacuated and none of them are mentioning anything about a huge cover up when theybare safe and sound far away from there.

That's a new one, checking air visibly to see what's up.

I think you can get a general idea of whether or not a city is functioning by the amount of pollution when considering the day of the week, temperature and baseline pollution.
Trying to calculate exactly how many bodies are being burned is difficult. Having a charcoal bbq releases a lot of stuff into the air, too.

Tell me about it. My kid who lives next door got a smoker for Christmas a couple two, maybe three years ago. Sometimes I could send out smoke signal from inside my house. lol

It’s anyone’s guess. It’s going to be manipulated from either the Chinese government or governments trying to turn the tables on them. There’s always going to be an agenda. We won’t know the real numbers for quite a while, and we also won’t know how many people are making a shitload of money off the situation for a while either.

Why guesstimate when the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation knew months ago the predictions of infections and death rates from their own,patented virus called CoronaVirus !

"Politics - A cesspool of the vilest of human beings and their self serving disgusting behaviour"