Officially Starting Our Real Estate Venture Today

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Today marks day 1 of @theblvcktable 's real estate venture as a partnership. All members agreed to combine their time and resources to pursue something that could have us all retiring early.
With 4 members, we've divvied up tasks like D4D(driving for dollars), cold-calling, skip-tracing, and virtual assistant management. Our primary goals out of the gate are to get 1+ homes under contract and to close on 1 deal. With our know-how and resources, we've given ourselves a 2-month time window.
We're starting with a small budget so we can figure out what works through trial and error.
Fortunately we have active investors to consult with during the process and a network of realtors for data. I'm confident we'll achieve our goal and some.
Here's a quick look into our course of action.

Screenshot 20190903 at 4.20.19 PM.png

Stay tuned as I will be updating our troubles and successes here!

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I've some questions as my wife and I are looking into real estate if you don't mind me asking.

What tools are you using to evaluate the value of a home or you just going off of the information from the realtors?

Are you using a tool/app for driving for dollars or you just driving around looking for houses? If you are using a tool or app how much does it cost per month?

Would also be interested in how you found contractors you trust working with or have you gotten that far yet?

No problem. I use a combination of a realtor & averaging a few comparables of homes sold within the last year on & No one site is extremely accurate but if you take averages, you usually get a pretty good figure.

As far as driving for dollars apps I haven't implemented any yet but I constantly hear landglide and dealmachine can really lighten your load.

I really lucked up when it comes to contractors. 1 of my partners is an architect and I have an uncle and a childhood friend that are professional contractors. A suggestion I've heard is to actually stop and talk to contractors you may see out working on properties.

I'll have to check out that Driving for Dollars Apps! Ive found a few on my own, but always looking to improve and try something new.