Want to learn Japanese, Chinese or improve your English? - 33% off - $20/hr (BTC, STEEM or other crypto) with Professor Pineapple ;-p

in language •  2 months ago 

I just changed my work schedule to 4 days a week so I'll have some extra time, I thought I'd revive this idea. I'd rather work for crypto than cash anyway :-D

If you are looking to learn a language quickly and efficiently, look no further. I can teach:

  • Basic to Intermediate Japanese
  • Basic Chinese
  • Basic to Advanced English, native pronunciation
  • Study methods that work for any language (including languages I don't speak), become conversation in 3-6 months.
  • Start speaking RIGHT AWAY, from day one.
  • Learn Grammar without even realizing it.
  • Increase vocabulary while practicing speaking.

I have been teaching languages for the past 12 years using my own methods which have allowed me to become fluent at both Chinese and Japanese. My methods have worked on all my students who have applied them.

1 Hour lessons for $20 USD in any crypto of your choice, so long as it's found in the Exodus wallet (or steem). That is 33% cheaper than I charge for online lessons elsewhere. :-D

Feel free to introduce me to your friends and family. Language lessons are a nice gift too ;-)
$3 BTC discount on 5 lessons for each friend you recommend :-)


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