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.161*/.2* 100 - Rambo - Leroy - Weekend - 15/23/629

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You're Rambo not Leeroy Jenkins rambo.jpg

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I dunno. I think I may have ran the price up too high again. Every time I run it up people suddenly decide it's time to sell. lol At least you get to buy more Leo at a better price though. I'm surprised you're still under 10,000.

The rest of the LEO I have delegated so new writers (even from offchain who are syndicated) can get big upvotes and help really pique the interest of the global community

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I think a higher price would pique interest. I think the price would be a lot higher now if it hadn't been for the airdrops.
You delegate away your Leo for free?

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Devs often consider it a distraction with little benefit to focus on price when there's so much platforms like Steemleo offer and will offer. For example, the tribe actively filters content where other tribes let whatever in the feed. We'll be growing a lot through web syndication of offchain authors while gaining in popularity by burning tokens (showing other coin devs how to beat inflation). The community members and account "noleoforu" downvote off-topic posts to make sure the community stays focused on investing.

In my dreams I'm altruistic enough to delegate all that LEO power for charity. I'm earning a percentage by delegating LEO to the account leo.voter

I'm pretty skeptical of all of the Dapps or whatever they're called. If it wasn't for you and Dtrade I would guess Leo would be at about .1 right now and maybe lower.
Maybe I will jump through hoops though and buy some Steem if it gets down to .10.
I might not ever run the price of Leo up much again though. #liveandlearn lol

Let's keep trying 😀 I call it PUMP N' STAKE we're not pump-dump. As the tribe continues to burn tokens and whales stake and hold, the price will most likely appreciate while more investors come in. It's easy for other tribes to "slide in" by trading with digital tokens they already have on-chain.

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It's not that easy. lol I can sell you some Leo for cheap now. There is a lot of downward pressure I think and not enough buyers. I got caught being too bullish I think.
Leo seems great in the medium and long term but these next 24 to 48 hours could be rough.
We might want to do some coordination. I don't think you should buy Leo at more than 1 or 2 ticks right now.