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Hi Everyone,


I have been climbing slowly towards 100,000 Steem Power for a few months now. I got within 5,000 SP and decided it was time to buy in again. At a current price of less than $0.14, it feels like a steal. I also just received a little extra cash from a property I have just sold. As I consider this money a bonus, I thought I would use it to buy some Steem considering how low the price is right now.

Source: Steemit Wallet

I have been powering up quite a bit over the past year. I made my biggest move in late November 2018, where I powered up to Orca (50,000+ SP). I have yet to power down any Steem. I do not intend to for quite some time yet.

I recently wrote a post, 'To Power Up or not to Power Up, that is the question'. The post did not provide a definitive answer as to whether powering up Steem is the best move. From my personal perspective, I believe the advantages of holding Steem Power outweighs the disadvantage of lost liquidity. I have backed that by powering up again. I believe actions speak louder than words.

Source: SteemWorld

I have also staked many of my Steem Engine Tokens. Many of the tokens are selling really cheap right now. I would recommend picking a tribe that you like and investing a little. You can get a lot of tokens for under a $100. I bought most of my STEM tokens and about half my PAL tokens. The rest of the tokens I have acquired either through posts or from airdrops. So far, I have yet to unstake or sell any of the tokens I have acquired. I think it is worth waiting to see what happens. Some tribes will become more popular than others but it is difficult to tell at this stage. Selling what I have for just a few dollars hardly seems worth it at this point.

Plans moving forward


I will continue posting and curating content. I don’t plan on moving away from my current curation strategy, which I outlined in my post, 'My curation practices and thoughts on observed changes to curation'. Curating content takes time but it is worth it.

I want to be more active on my other social media. I have two Facebook pages, ‘Spectrum Economics’ and ‘Best of Steem’. The former has been mostly inactive for the past 3 months and the latter has been quiet for most of this year. I will focus more on the ‘Spectrum Economics’ page as it has a much larger following and also revolves around my content which is easier to manage. I will share posts I really like to the ‘Best of Steem’ page but will not include any additional write-ups. I will also spend more time on twitter. This will be mostly just sharing posts and liking Tweets.

I am not sure what I will do with my Instagram account. I think I have been quite severely ‘Shadow Banned’, I don’t think any of my content is appearing on my followers feeds anymore. This is disappointing as I was spending quite a bit of time on Instagram at one point. I will also need to visit my LinkedIn account, which has been inactive for most of this year. I will need to make a few changes to the account as quite a few things have changed since I previously used it.

Steem Udemy Course

(Highest Rated Steem(it) Courses on Udemy - Source: Udemy)

I also have a Udemy account. I made my first course a few months ago; I explain more about it in the signature at the end of the post. I will be adding another course to Udemy at the end of the year or early next year. I was initially planning to add a Cost Benefit Analysis course for professionals. After looking through the available Udemy courses, I noticed there are not any free comprehensive Steem courses. I found an 11.5-hour course by Joe Parys but much of the content looks out-of-date. The course also looks more focused around Steemit than Steem and there is almost 2 hours of content relating bots. I think bots could be easily covered in just 10 minutes; there are so many other more important aspects of Steem that a new user should learn about.

I think I have the right skill set to create an in-depth Steem course and guide (You can read my post, 'Steem explained by an economist' from June 2018, for a sample of my knowledge). This course should be free as we want as much traffic and exposure as possible. I expect I could have a course ready by the end of the year; by this time, I could also include content relating to SMTs and communities. I would be happy to provide updates in posts about the content I am going to include. I would also welcome feedback regarding areas that might require extra explanation in a course.

More milestones (almost)


Since I am on the topic of milestones, I thought I would just quickly mention two other accomplishments. I use Partiko for some of my curating, as it very convenient and saves me time getting to my computer or trying to view Steemit. Busy or SteemPeak on my small mobile screen. Partiko gives out points for upvoting, commenting, posting and watching advertisements. I mostly use Partiko for upvoting and occasionally watching an advertisement. After many months of using the DApp, I am almost up to 100,000 Partiko points. I wish I had used it a little more and could have had a double 100,000 milestone to celebrate but this is close enough.

I have also reached reputation 67. This doesn’t sound special but it is not so much the reputation number but the time it has taken to reach it. Prior to Hardfork 21/22, it took me over 8 months to get from reputation 64 to 65 and then a similar time from 65 to 66. However, it has only taken me just over a month to move from reputation 66 to 67 and I am already ¼ of the way to 68. I was previously on track to take over 5 years to reach reputation 70. I think I am likely to reach it before the middle of next year. I only wish my number of followers would increase a little faster. I have gained less than 500 followers in the last 13 months. I obtained my first 2,000 in 8 months.

More posts


If you want to read any of my other posts, you can click on the links below. These links will lead you to posts containing my collection of works. These posts will be updated frequently.




New Economics Udemy Course


I have launched my first Udemy course ‘Economics is for Everyone’. The course focuses on how economics affects everyday people, the decisions they make and how they interact with the world around them. The course contains 24 video lectures (about 4 hours of viewing), 64 multiple-choice questions (3 at the end of most lectures), 32 downloadable resources (presentation slides, additional notes and links to relevant Steem posts), and 2 scenario questions. The course is currently free-of-charge. Click the link above to access the course.



Steem - The Future of DApps


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Thanks for curating my post. I just came across your profile and started reading this article. Quite motivating.

I would like to recommend you to use neoxian tag in all your post. Neoxian is a general purpose tribe like palnet. NEOXAG is the Steem Engine tribe token. If you need discord link to the server do let me know. 😊 It will be nice to have you in the discord server.

I rarely use discord. I have tried out the neoxian tag for my most recent post. Thanks, the tribes are very interesting.

I have to comment that you are quite active in social networks from my point of view. I also want to congratulate you for reaching a new goal in your Power Up.

I am what they classify as a digital immigrant, so if I give advice about this virtual world it is something that should always be submitted at your own discretion, made the "disclaimer" I wanted to comment that in a network conference I heard A few days ago, one of the professors commented that the selection of the networks to be promoted would depend largely on a previous study on which is the target to which it is aimed.

That is, according to the Twitter conference it was more used by people "mature adult" and to a lesser extent by adolescent and "Young Adult" (I think it refers to the group of 18 to 29 years in this group); It is precisely these last two groups that use instagram most (with preference for video content).

So the selection of the networks, in order not to waste efforts or resources, begins with a study of the target population of the content that is being created and then an evaluation of what is the most used by such people.

I hope these ideas are of some use to you.

Thanks for the suggestions and the info. The target audience for Steem is very interesting because it is potentially very wide. Also some groups are going to be more easily swayed to join the community than others. You mention the 18 to 29 years group. I think this will be an easier target to attract and they might be more willing to give something new a try. I still need to study the data more carefully but I think this a reasonable starting assumption.

There are reports with this information that can help you, maybe one like the one in https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2019-global-digital-overview gives a general idea.

Also, the globalwebindex site has published for years a report of the use of social networks and one of the variables they consider are age groups, I think the most recent report can be requested from https://www.globalwebindex.com / reports / social

Source: https://www.globalwebindex.com/reports/social

25000 power up? Dammmmmmnnnnn this is huge man what can I say? Three days ago I powered up 660 steem to hit 8k SP I'm obviously a small time investor and I'm following in like footsteps. Congratulations on hitting this amazing milestone. I usually use the Steem interphase for curating and it seems cool for me.
I'll like to see how your curation returns turn out.

Any amount powered up is great. I would advise only powering up cash you don't need for quite a long time. It is very difficult to know when the price of Steem will be higher.

I've never powered down and I'm investing conviniently at my own pace as well thanks for the advice....... eherrr what's your real name if you don't mind?


I don't mind, I normally introduce myself at the beginning of my videos.

Sweet! Thanks a lot, congratulations again

Congratulations! I'm still closing in on 5K SP, and 100K SP seems very far away...so seeing posts like these give me some hope! 🙂

That's great my post inspires you. Keep Steeming away.

This is, indeed, wonderful news. I am always happy to see people reaching higher levels on Steem. It is terrific to see someone join the 6 figure club in SP. It is rather exclusive air there.

I am follow your playbook. I do not power down and am putting my SE tokens into the tribes I believe in. Right now SteemLeo is my favorite.

I look forward to seeing more of your work. I am checking out the links you provided in the article.

Keep up the good work.

Steemleo is off to a great start. Cryptocurrency related topics will attract the most attention until Steem becomes more mainstream. I bought STEM because I am attracted to that type of content but at the moment it is a little slow over there.

I am a big fan of technology so I am doing my best when I can to support the platform. I have some STEM in my wallet...I need to power it up and start doing some curating over there.

Wow. Im highly impressed with your achievements so far @spectrumecons

People like you are inspiration for others. Respect and upvote on the way. Catch :)

I have launched my first Udemy course ‘Economics is for Everyone’.

Lovely. Will try to check it out. I've never used Udemy before. It's amazing that you're willing to share all that stuff out of charge.

ps. great time to sell property (in my humble opinion)


I'm happy to share the content for free. I am also looking at it from a long term perspective. The free courses can get the most attention which is more valuable than an immediate return.

I also think of doing a power up ... although unfortunately it will be much smaller than yours :)

A really quality post with lots of useful information.
@tipu curate

Thank you. If you can afford it and you have confidence in Steem, then you should go for it.

Wow, that’s what we call substantial! I powered up 37 Steem yesterday! 🤦‍♂️ but I will get there too, just a little slower 😏

Posted using Partiko iOS

It all adds up. If a thousand people powered up 37 Steem each, we have 37,000 powered up. If that happened every week, we are starting to move.

True, I do that regularly, so eventually it adds up!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Congrats man! Great accomplishment. I just recently reached 10k SP and I was so exicted!

I have yet to power down any Steem. I do not intend to for quite some time yet.

My man! I never powered down since I am here and I never cashed out any of my Steem.
Dunno when that will happen but I am perfectly fine with my decision :)

Hope to buy some more Steem but I think I will have to wait for the next month.

Enjoy Steeming!

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That's awesome too. I think it is a great investment at the current price.

I've gotten demotivated on the Steemit platform. I wanted to build my SP as much as possible over the many years. But right now that no longer seems possible for smaller accounts. I used to believe strongly in Steemit, but not any longer. With each change that is being made, more and more smaller players get pushed out. But heay, maybe that is the plan so we can share the rewards pool with less people right?

I think Steem had a problem with too many content creators and too few content readers/viewers. Ideally, we want to increase the number of content readers/viewers and attract content creators that create popular attractive content. Steem also needs investors that are willing to curate content or at least delegate to a service that does.

I would recommend that you keep going for now. EIP is still playing out. We also have SMTs and communities coming soon too.

I don't think you can have too many content creators. Some are crap, yes, and those should maybe get downvotes. And who is interested in creating attractive content? Some might do it out of idealism. Some might get lucky and get a lot of upvotes from large accounts. But smaller accounts will mostly find it useless, and remember they are not just content creators but also readers/viewers. People who get pushed out will create negative marketing outside the Steemit platform, decreasing the attraction of the platform to new users.
The none lineair reward curve makes it so that most upvote posts that have large payouts. It has got nothing to do with the quality of the post. Most know that the biggest whales are sharing votes between each other. This further attracts smaller players to vote for them to get a higher payout. All in all I don't see much good in the latest changes unfortunately.

I have launched my first Udemy course ‘Economics is for Everyone’. I started today your Udemy course. I want to improve myself and my business. Thank you.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's awesome, thank you. I hope you find the course useful.

Great post. Thank you for specifying your use of steem so minutely.

Posted using Partiko Android

I feel it is good to share my experiences with others.

Awesome power up and I hope you do the steem guide.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's the plan but it'll be a lot of work. There is so much to understand in the Steem ecosystem.

Congrats on such a milestone and a pretty damn big investment!

I invested 45k SP a few weeks back and have not regretted it yet! The curation rewards are super high right now! :-)

Posted using Partiko Android

I like the changes made in Hardfork 21/22. The higher curation rewards are a great incentive to invest and participate. I think the whole ecosystem is working much better now.

Think are picking up, if we were to fall under 10 cents I'm gonna make another investment I believe.

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Incredible ! this shows me another reason why this community is the best

This place is pretty good.

Big congrats! and nice to see you have some #JAHM, they are probably the friendliest tribe out there.

I think I got that in an airdrop. I haven't had a good look at this tribe yet. I think they have a pretty cool logo.

It's quite niche but is not just reggae. Anything Jamaica related qualifies!

What a great accomplishment.
Just taking my time going through individual links.
Thanks for the motivation.

Hey, no problem. It is a risk but I believe the price will climb again.

Well done! I may pick up a little more here myself.

It is so tempting. With all that is happening here, Steem surely must be undervalued.


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Thank you

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That's cool, thanks.

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Congratulations @spectrumecons.

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Progress is pretty slow. I was hoping my big power up would give me a push. I am still aiming for top 1,000 in the near future.

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Congratz on the powerup. :)

Yeah, it was great fun :)

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Hi @spectrumecons
Wow friend, I congratulate you on that achievement,
For a small fish like Me that lives in Venezuela, achieving that which you could achieve is very uphill, however I do not lose hope of being able to reach that level and move on.

Greetings from Venezuela.

I'm sorry I missed your fine post to be able to upvote it on time. Need to adjust my Ginabot notifications...

Congratulations on this milestone! Now that I have 70 reputation, I hope you too can reach reputation 70 by the end of this year...

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