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Do not think that mining bitcoin here is not physical, where there is land or land being dug up. Bitcoin miners are computer processes that continue to work to keep transactions on the blockchain.

The need for electricity to make the computer turn on is greater than providing electricity to 20 European countries. If the comparison is there are only three countries in Africa that use more electricity than electricity needed to mine bitcoin, namely Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa.

Until now it is estimated that the use of electricity to mine bitcoin for a year requires an electricity supply of 29.05 TWh (1TWh equals 1,000,000,000 KWh). And that number is equivalent to 0.13 percent of electricity usage per year in the world.

The report also includes the consumption of electric power in bitcoin mining has increased by 30 percent in the last month. This is expected because the value of bitcoin has also continued to increase over the past few months.

Iiris Hydrogen Arc Ecosystem is the world's first mining project that protects the environment with a unique energy concept. Bitcoin mining is not only profitable, but also harnesses the power of nature to make it environmentally friendly using innovative technologies.

Arc Iris aims to undertake next-generation integration projects for sophisticated cryptocurrency mining that are done in an environmentally responsible manner. This provides a secure long-term investment with reverse cryptocurrency exposures, but it is safe against cryptocurrency volatility by ensuring the lowest operating costs. The project plans to strengthen cryptocurrency miners using hydrogen technology. We create a cost-effective and efficient cryptocurrency mining facility with a strong infrastructure backbone. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining are powered by hydrogen energy with the best sustainable practices.

The cryptocurrency mining industry has formed since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, which has been innovative and noteworthy for years. Mining can be done using a variety of processing equipment, depending on the call type and mining algorithm and the protocols that follow. Bitcoin requires very powerful equipment, such as ASIC devices, to enable profitable mining throughput. However, each type of cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of processing power and a large amount of energy use at the same time.

Why choose iris arc

The latest and newest mining hardware
Fastest mining hardware
Low operating cost
Low maintenance cost
Cheap hardware due to bulk purchase
Nice user interface
Alternative Currency Mining (Altcoin)
Reliable and reliable mining partner
Facilities that transfer mining capabilities to mine cryptocurrencies that come with us provide the flexibility needed to take advantage of emerging market opportunities.
Downtime can be ignored because various technicians handle the mining work in progress and solve the problem immediately.
Honest and Transparent Cloud Mining Service
Cloud mining users who do not need a large investment to set up their own mining tasks do not have a high initial cost.
Direct mining output even for new users using cloud mining contracts due to hardware already running
There is no loss for cloud mining users due to deprecated hardware.
There is no need to hire a technician to manage the hardware.
There is no hassle or problem associated with the mining work itself, such as heating, loud noise, etc.
Prompt and prompt customer service

with no hardware to create passwords monetary
cost-effective and unique that is not a threat to the environment and use of intelligent cloud-mining facility for ! Start with the power of hashes with us today!

Industry and Market Overview The
cryptocurrency mining industry has been innovating and notable for several years since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. But operating costs, especially energy consumption, are key considerations for the entire cryptocurrency mining industry.

Project and feature
The project I want to talk about today is ARC IRIS. And the main goal is to replace the existing dangerous energy sources with cheaper and environmentally friendly ones. And the sun and water will help all this business. Yes, I do not think so. To begin the qualitative revolution of electricity, we need the synergy of these two resources, using tools developed specifically for hydrogen production. This is inherently not only an excellent source of energy, but also 85% cheaper than other coal and non-renewable sources of energy that produce electricity in the modern world.
Thus, the founders of the IRC ARC project will be a great partner to help many mining farmers significantly reduce their costs, so as not to lose not only the mining industry, but also the production capacity of the same bitcoin mining. Another cryptographic token.

Outlook and Benefits
In addition to all the above features, ARC IRIS is ready to offer cloud computing configured for all cryptocurrency mining processes. It should also be noted that this equipment is not only a tool for the accumulation of electricity, but also provides all the services that come with the mining equipment itself. In other words, the multiple installations developed by the IRC ARC founding team were able to qualitatively replace all participants in the mining industry, the most expensive installations requiring special places and expensive equipment.

In addition to the fact that ARC IRIS provides user equipment, this project allows users to access their own ACI tokens, which can't be purchased only by the project equipment. But it also pays for maintenance and has several advantages over those who do not have a coin in their wallet. Dealing with the topic of benefits, the founder of ARC IRIS guarantees a big discount for all users who provide installation services, most of which keep a lot of internal ACI coins in their wallets.

ARC IRIS WALLET The ARC IRIS wallet is in January 2020 to put market

The developer plans to issue a total of 1 billion coins, with only 60% being available for public sale. The remaining coins with an initial value of $ 0.1 are distributed as follows (see figure).

In conclusion, I want to note the state-of-the-art approach to the problems that exist in our world. I am happy to meet someone who wants to make the world better, cleaner and more efficient. To do this, develop such a wonderful project idea.

Naturally, when the project is in the early stages of development. But if thousands of people trust him, he can occupy the best position among all mining equipment. However, all processes are much more economical and efficient, which can yield very good returns.
That's why you're a good friend, take a closer look at ARC IRIS. Perhaps you are one of the active participants. We suggest that you study ARC IRIS in more detail so that your actions and decisions are clearer.

Our road map

With the help of our team, sponsors and investors, this is the main step we want to achieve.
Q2 2019
Project conception and market analysis
Q3 2019
ICO planning and team building
Q4 2019
Pre-ICO and ICO launch
Q1 2020
Start from business development
Q2 2020
Beta phase development and release
Q3 2020
Start mining
Q4 2020
Marketing and advertising campaigns

The Iris Iris Hydrogen team combines a passion for mining industry experience with a proven track record in finance, development, marketing and licensing.


In short, I want to highlight the high-tech approach to problems that exist in our world. I am very happy that there are people who want to make our world better, cleaner and more efficient. Development of phenomenal design ideas.
Of course, while the project is at an early stage of development. However, if thousands of people believe this, he can surely take the leading position among all mining machines. Ultimately, all processes are far more economical and efficient and therefore ready to demonstrate excellent profitability.
So a good friend. See ARC IRIS. Maybe you are one of the active participants. I suggest you take a closer look at ARC IRIS to make your actions and decisions easier to understand. To this end, at the end of my review, you will find all of the project's required resources that contain the most accurate and basic information about ARC IRIS. I am glad to help. Thank you and goodbye!

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